Posted by: Jae | February 18, 2007

Religion Gone Mad

Some idiot posted this on our gate yesterday morning:


Ayon sa salita ng Diyos, ang sinumang patuloy na nakikisama sa hindi nya tunay na asawa, sa kapwa lalaki o maging sa kapwa babae, ay siguradong mapapasa-apoy ng impiyerno.


My mom and I checked our neighbors’ gates, wala naman nakapaskil. Sa amin lang talaga. Yet another example of religion gone mad.

If one is to see religion as the path towards salvation or eternal life and the teaching of goodness and virtue, it is difficult to understand how this could possibly have anything to do with fanaticism, repression and oppression of traditionally-marginalized groups like homosexuals. History is replete with examples of wanton and wholesale violations of human rights on account of religious ideology, from the burning of women at the stake for allegedly being witches to the curtailment of women’s civil liberties under Islamic law to Hindu bride-burning to female circumcision. What gives? Why the consistent pattern of subjugation in the great religions of the world that do not intersect and in some cases are antagonistic with each other?

I suppose institutional religion is about social order and its maintenance – the regulation of behavior, the setting up of a rigid moral code with which to measure deviation from the established norm — and a traditionally-structured social order will in great likelihood be consistent with the patriarchal model that defines man as the standard against which everything is measured. This kind of set-up quells emergent and alternative voices because these voices threaten the premises on which this set-up is built.

To the small-minded coward who left the sign in our house: Take your bigotry and vandalism elsewhere.




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