Posted by: Jae | February 21, 2007

Bad People

Last night, I flagged a cab along Kalayaan avenue. Being sleepy and in a hurry to get home, I got into the first cab I saw and didn’t wait for one with a reputable name anymore. As soon as I got in, the driver swiveled his body and established full-on eye contact with me. Creepy. Texted plate number immediately to my friend Dianne, who was the last person I was with.

Manong driver: Anong oras na?

Jae: Mga 10 p.m. po.

Manong driver: May pambayad ka ba sa taxi?

Jae: (frowning slightly, shifting in her seat): Opo.

Manong driver: Kasi may ibang babae, pag walang pambayad, ano nalang ang binabayad eh. (*wink*)

At this point, I texted Dianne again, telling her about the creepo driver. My house, which is just a good ten minutes away, suddenly seemed so very, very far. I asked the driver to pull over, handed him a P50 bill and went down as fast as I could.

I really, really hate this sense of vulnerability. In UP Village, where I work, motorcycle bandits have been plying the village streets and snatching bags from women. Two of my friends have been vitimized already (both in my company…). Now, I cant even walk from our headquarters to Eunilane without breaking in cold sweat everytime I hear the sound of a motorcycle from behind. And I used to love walking along those tree-lined streets.




  1. ohmy!i would have done the exact same thing.bka kung ako un, ung nagtanong pa lang siya kung may pambayad ka, bumaba na ako!!!

  2. and we thought UP village was safe. 😦 ingat ka din. mas nakakatakot sa inyo, walang pedestrian traffic. and that intersection is unsafe, even in the daytime.

  3. Ingat lagi, Atty!

  4. thanks, bonn!

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