Posted by: Jae | March 4, 2007

Just My Luck

In Lucena now, preparing for a long trip to Bondoc Pen early tomorrow morning. Some three-year-old kid puked on my pants in the bus a few hours ago, soiling the only pair of jeans I brought with me. Had to go through a four-hour Guns ‘n’ Roses concert dvd circa 1992  instead of the Sharon Cuneta weeper I was hoping the bus conductor would play.  Realized a few minutes ago that while I have my sunblock, my Olay Total Effects (because you CAN fight landlord-oppression while fighting the seven signs of aging), my leave-on conditioner, my body wash, my insect repellent and my mouthwash — I left my toothbrush at home.

 Please let bad luck come in three’s and please let me have a good hearing tomorrow.  Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.




  1. Hi Jae,

    Goodluck with the hearing.

    I heard of Bondoc Pen before, if I am not mistaken they are the farmers who ‘surrender’ to DOJ Raul Gonzales and camped out at DAR.

    Lawyer ka pala nila.

    Village Tickler

  2. Good luck, Atty!

    I could have been that three-year old kid puking on a bus to Lucena. I was like that when I was at that age — couldn’t bear travelling by bus or even taxi especially if they were air-conditioned!

    You made me smile being reminded of my childhood travelling struggles — and yes, feats! — every time the family went on to long drives to our provinces in Quezon and Pangasinan. Thanks!

    Sinuwerte sana iyong mga nasukahan ko nung mga araw na ‘yun at hanggang ngayon! 😉

  3. village tickler: yup, kasi nga kinakasuhan sila ng mga landowners ng qualified theft, malicious mischief and the like.

    bonn: eeuuuwwwww. hehe. buti nalang cute yung bata, hindi ako masyadong naasar. sana cute ka din nung bata. 😀 bad luck comes in four’s, looks like: tried to get the police to serve a warrant against the goons who hacked my client’s arm several weeks ago. an hour before they swooped down on the area, nakatakas na yung mga gagong yon. bad trip.

  4. Sobrang cute raw ako noon. Hindi na nga masyado ngayon…. Bad trip nga eh — dati raw tuwing punta sa mall ng mga magulang ko at kasama ako pinag-aagawan ako ng mga saleslady. Ngayon, ni hindi ako pinapansin! Hahaha!

    Mag-NPA na ‘yung mga ‘yun para iwas huli!

    Dapat pala sinukahan ko iyong dumura sa dinadaanan namin ng kasama ko noh?!

  5. Hi Ms. Jae,

    Hmmmm interesting soul issue.

    When I was young, madalas din ako masuka. Buti na lang may ******** na ngayon. I won’t be mentioning the drug name because Pfizer made it. Those arrogant lawyer-lobbyist who tried to block cheaper medicine bill.

    Village Tickler

  6. Hi village tickler! Oo nga, buti hindi sila nagsucceed. Go cheaper meds and AKBAYAN who authored that bill. 🙂

  7. Hi Jae,

    It’s still not a success dahil mukhang there’s a need to refile it in the 14t Congress.

    Village Tickler

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