Posted by: Jae | March 12, 2007

Dreaming (in vain) of summer….

Maybe if I close my eyes tight enough….


Vote AKBAYAN. Make my summer-less summer worth it. Hehe.



  1. Hi Jae,

    No prob spreading ur advocacy in PATH and about your summer-less summer, I think, Akbayan will win already in the partylist group together with the rest, I’d rather vote to other groups not in the top ten.

    Village Tickler

  2. OK lang yon. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be critical and discerning. 🙂

  3. Hi Jae,

    Is that the non-confrontational approach that Akbayan spreading all throughout the campaign and it’s that the same reason why you’re not engaging Bayan Muna in all their accusation against Akbayan being ‘military puppet’?

    Village Tickler

  4. Village Tickler:

    Me, Im just not in the mood to make my blog a political battleground. My choice, and it doesn’t speak of my party. 🙂

  5. Jae.

    Isn’t all media a political battleground?
    Isn’t all personal is political?

    Just wondering,

    Village Tickler

    PS: Happy Birthday, two days, in advance.

  6. You hot bilbil (and summer)-less goddess you!

  7. hay lord… summer ba talaga ang gawing excuse to show off one’s swimsuit-clad body IN THE SHADE??? dream on (in vain)? hehehe

    Ibangon ang Dangal ng summer!
    Akbayan tayo!
    Your best partylist in summer! eherm…

  8. Jae,

    Am I dreaming in vain?!

    This is giving me fever — so seditious, too ambitious, but ain’t delicious! 😛

    Bonn 😉

  9. I-bleep-jae (also known as Gus of hot air): Whatever happened to magnanimity wednesday??!?!?! Lord. Raining on my (birthday) parade. I-bag-sak, inggiterang mga bakla. Hehehehe.

    P.S. Sa lahat po, kay Gus lang ako galit. LGBT advocate po talaga ako. Swear. Tanong nyo sa LAGABLAB.

    Bonn: Pagaling ka. Baka sakaling bumait ka. Hehehehe. Sayang, di ka pwede bukas. May party ako sa barko.

    Jordan: Youre the best. 😀

  10. uyyyyyy… nag jo joke siya…ANU’NG LGBT ADVOCATE??????!!!!! Maluluma ang mga Garci tapes sa mga Jaefever tapes ko sa mga quotable quotes na magpapatunay na di ka gaanong maka LGBT (and I am making here the understaement of the year!). hahahaha.

    Except from the recordings: “Haaay… alam mo naman (bleep), di naman ako talaga gay rights advocate… di tulad ni (bleep) na kay aga aga akong ginising para mag punta sa Crame.” (end of quote) Jae, fill in the blanks!!!! hehehehe

    Nga pala pipol, are we free friday??? mukhang hindi na di ba??? di ba??? di ba???? (text me your replies) ;-))))

  11. The record will bear me out. Hmp. Eto sa yo.

    :p :p :p :p :p :p

    Hindi mo ako matitiis. Pupunta ka sa Friday. Kasi mahal mo ako.

  12. wala namang bilbil a! o tinatago ng iyong hmmmmmm legs. hehehe

  13. Hi Jae.

    Happy Birthday.
    Hope you enjoy your party
    last Friday night even though
    your real birthday is today.

    Village Tickler

  14. Thanks so much! Birthday eve naman e. 🙂

  15. Hi Jae,

    Hmmm birthday eve and celebrating it on different time zones will be just fine. Hope you enjoy your weekend spa.

    Village Tickler

  16. Muli po, salamat. And thanks to everyone who greeted me. Love you all.

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