Posted by: Jae | March 18, 2007


It’s in the bag {(lame) pun intended}

On my 27th birthday, I got my very very first ATORNI bag.
Skinny-little girl-with-a-penchant-for-melodrama pretending to be now a lawyer.

Wait. Scratch that. Too 1990’s American sitcom TV for my taste.

Gotta love the bag though. 🙂


  1. Pustahan tayo isang beses mo lang gagamitin yan. Then you’ll revert back to yung bag mo na may nakalagay na “I DON’T NEED MAKE-UP” in screaming sequins. Hihi. Happy birthday, Ate. Stay loud and happy!!!

  2. Korek. I’ll never be legally-bland. Hehe.

  3. Hi Jae,

    Does the pink bag organizer fits in to that lawyerly bag? :-p

    Village Tickler

  4. Hindi ko na ginagamit yon ever since nabasa. 🙂

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