Posted by: Jae | March 21, 2007

Take me back, take me back to Sarah’s

Not being in the mood for yet another inuman-all-you-can session, I decided to join my friends Perci and Jon for dinner at Likha Diwa, a veggie/new agey restaurant in Krus na Ligas, C.P. Garcia. Upon alighting the tricycle and walking a few steps, I suddenly felt Perci pulling my arm and screeching in my ear, “Hoy, sa Likha tayo! Bakit ka pumapasok sa Sarah’s?!” And that was when I noticed I had entered Sarah’s without even realizing it.

Hay. Sarah’s.

It’s not difficult to describe how Sarah’s looks like physically. It looks like the parking lot of a small house that woke up one morning and decided it wanted to be a beerhouse — with monoblock chairs, ice cold beer and not much else. Nope, not even a decent banyo, their lavatory being a makeshift stall at the back of the house that that you only find after navigating your way through lines of dripping sinampay, old automobile parts and a forlorn-looking dog. Not even nice and happy attendants, their concept of service limited to having a crabby looking girl in short shorts scream irately “kanino ba itong sisig?!” Not even good music, though a few bottles of beer and a healthy dose of optimism could turn that guitar-playing pimply-faced 21-year-old from Lib Sci into the next big hit in Indy Rock. Shabby chic, more shabby than chic.

But there’s something about Sarah’s that never quite leaves you (quite apart from the scent of isaw and uling and dog-pee) and never allows you to leave it completely. Anyone with even the slightest familiarity with frat dynamics in UP will tell you that Sarah’s isnt exactly the best place to be if you dont want to get caught in the cross-fire, and I’ve had maybe one or two unpleasant encounters there with drunken manyak strangers, but there’s something about Sarah’s that makes me feel comfy and happy. I remember, while studying for the bar, I would study in Likha Diwa the whole day, and then walk over to Sarah’s for San Mig Lights and then some with my B.I. friends, until maybe 2am. (I stayed at a boarding house during bar review, ostensibly so I could focus on reviewing, but, well…)

Yes, there’s something about Sarah’s. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some of the best, best conversations of my life while seated on one of their monoblock chairs — the type of conversation where you just talk and talk and talk and talk until you realize it’s closing time and the crabby girl in short shorts is giving you the evil eye. It could also be because some of the more important decisions of my life were made there (like enrolling in law school.) Or maybe amidst the many changes in my universe, both good and bad, Sarah’s is one of those things that remain constant. It’s reassuring to have something that’s always there: seeing me through College courses, random hassles, sweet victories, boyfriends, life-choices.

Over the past several months, Ive been frequenting BarKo, simply because of its proximity to our headquarters and because thats where we usually head off too. I like BarKo, of course, and appreciate having a CR that actually flushes. But there’s something about Sarah’s that makes the beer just a little bit colder, the night air just a little bit nippier, and the stars twinkle with just a little bit more magic.

Take me back, take me back to Sarah’s.



  1. Nakalulungkot ngang isipin na dahil sa kainitan ng mga frat issues noon, hindi kami masyadong napapadpad sa Sarah’s. (Pero miss ko na ‘yang Likha Diwa!) Good that you could always come back to this place to rekindle good memories – a place that has been witness to you ‘through College courses, random hassles, sweet victories, boyfriends, life-choices.’ We all need that – and I, I’m thinking where is that place of good memories. I only have this ‘suitcase of memories’. Time after time…. 😉

  2. nostalgic ah

  3. Bonn: “caught up in circles, confusion is nothing new…” hehe.

    Dianne: aminin mo na, im sure naiyak ka.

  4. di ako naiyak. pero napatakbo ako sa sara’s after class.

  5. honestly, ako never pa ako nakainom dyan sa sarah’s though i keep seeing it (and tempted by it pero la naman ako mayaya o magyaya sa akin uminom dun) when i go to likha diwa.

    (e pano ba naman sa law school na ko natuto uminom, at nang matuto, pag uminom, umiinom talaga hanggang malasing, umaabsent sa halos lahat ng klase at didiretso either sa pced or sa may up village ung grill queen ngayon pero lechonan dati ng manok)

  6. am appalled by the subtle mention of your “BI” friends. as if ha.

  7. hi chrisgel! nakabalik ka na ba? libre kita sa sarahs nang maranasan mo naman ang sarahs magic. 🙂

    hoy dianne, ang saya ng inuman namin ni charms sa iloilo kagabi. ang rampadora ng sarahs at bulaklak ng krus na ligas, hehehe.. yoko na sa barko.

  8. hi jae, yep nakabalik na ko… yehey! sige libre mo ko sa sarahs hahaha honestly di na nga ko sanay uminom sa

  9. sige text mo lang ko kung kelan mo feel maligaw ang landas sa krus na ligas.

  10. Jaeski,

    May panahon pang mag-Sarah’s
    sa gitna ng panawagan para sa himala?

    Hehehe gudlak!


  11. Pagkagat ng gabi, ang mga kasama’y matatagpuan sa barko, sa uncle tat’s, sa taby’s at kung saan saan pa. Work hard, party hard. 😛

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