Posted by: Jae | April 7, 2007

What’s your bar story?

Because birds of the same feather flock together, I have the most self-absorbed set of friends — one of whom texted me a few minutes after the bar results came out: “Oh no, tapos na ang moment natin.” Hahaha. While it was certainly the weirdest thing to say in the midst of jubilation over friends and loved ones who passed the bar, it did get us waxing nostalgic about our own bar-passing moment last year.

I remember it super clearly. May meeting pa kami nung umaga sa office. Sat in the meeting for maybe an hour, but since my attempts at feigning interest and making significant COHERENT contributions to the discussion were largely unsuccessful, my wonderful boss Mayong shooed me out over my (feeble and fake) protestations. Went to UP Church for some quiet time. After which, I waited for my blockmate Bheng to pick me up at the UP Arcade parking lot, while staring at a vast expanse of nothing and thinking of the many times I cut class, the many times I came late, the far too many nights I spent at Sarah’s. Yari ka, Jae. Yari ka, Jae. Yari ka, Jae.

Then we drove to Gateway, where we met our other friends and all watched “Moments of Love” starring Iza Calzado and Dingdong Dantes. Because we are the kind of people who would actually line up for a Claudine Barretto starrer (Dubai, to be specific) and who could spend an entire dinner dissecting the Piolo-Judy Anne movie (the one set in Baguio, the one with the sex scene between Juday and Papa Piolo), for the next two hours, the bar was temporarily forgotten as we shed copious tears for two ill-fated lovers separated by time and connected by a rusty antique telephone.

Afterwards, we went to Oyster Boy (for the cheap beer and early opening time) to get drunk and wait for the results. My college friend JT, a reporter for GMA 7, called me up to tell me that the bar was his assignment for the day, and kept on calling me and my mom for newsflash reports. (27% ang passing rate, etc. etc..) Everytime the phone rang and his name flashed, all of us would shriek, thinking that the results were out, only to be informed “Magulo na dito, it’s raining kasi. Wala lang. Weather report. Ayaw mo nun, hehe.” Fuck. Gotta love my friends.

Nung gabi na, we were close to hysterical. Hysterical and drunk kids gorging on oysters and sloshing beer. Not a pretty sight. I texted my friend Enteng, who was at a meeting but promised to be with me, to go to Cubao na because the bar results would be out any minute.
Then the call came. “Middle name mo ba, Garcia?” I was asked by Bheng’s boyfriend Jeloy, who was speaking to someone from the Supreme Court. Then a few seconds after, JT called, shrieking even louder than me. On cue, Enteng texted me, “Nawawala ako. di ko mahanap yang Oyster Boy na yan. Sunduin mo ako sa harap ng Araneta coliseum.” I went to pick him up, and brought him to our happy table of young, new and drunk lawyers. After some time, we left my blockmates and went to a small bar in UP village together. I went home tired but happy — to a wonderful mom and sister who had a cake waiting for me.

Of all the congratulatory messages I got that night, the one message that I remember to this day, a year after, reads: “Waw, pumasa sa first take ang lasenggerang sexpot wild child.”

Sabi nga ng blockmate ko, our moment is over. And it’s time for a new batch of giddy, happy, fresh-off-the-oven lawyers to be inflicted on an unsuspecting world. Congratulations, Gemgem de la Cruz! Rozy Ramirez! Batch 2006 UP College of Law!


  1. Haha. Siyempre inabangan ko rin iyong last year kasi batch ko rin iyon! At this year, siyempre rin, kasi may mga kakilala ako na nag-night shift sa law school (sa listahan nga 34 ang kakilala ko!).

    Salamat sa pagbati mo kay Rozy sa friendster bulletin at napansin ko na nakaligtaan ko iyong name niya nung inisa-isa ko iyong listahan na na-download ko from the internet.

    Sa akin naman ang kaso tuwing may bar resultls ‘What’s your story about/with the bar passer/s?’ Kumbaga bawat pangalan na mabasa mo roon na kakilala mo, meron kang kuwento. Tulad sa friendster, bawat mukha roon meron kang kuwento. Ganoon na rin sa phonebook, bawat entry roon meron akong kuwento. Minsan ganito ang ginagawa ko sa celfone ko — random pindot-pindot tapos kung saan matapat na pangalan, alalahanin ko kung ano ang kuwento ko patungkol sa kanya. Senti! Hahahaha!

  2. Ang ibig sabihin lang nyan, bumalik ka na nang pinas! hahaha. 😀

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