Posted by: Jae | July 10, 2007

Poetry Tuesdays

Twilight to me

is the sun breaking up

into sad, angry little pieces

Not fading, no,

but self-annihilating,

a violence ordered yet random.

Romantic too,

for violence is romance

and romance is violence.

And this mayhem is what makes

the ocean turn red

as though it bleeds for our sins

or from the slaughter of monsters,

until everything turns

into a black country of shadows.

You, you are my sunrise.



  1. Twilight is romantic. And romance is violence and violence is romance. If we are your sunrise, then where is the romance? A life without twilight is a life without romance.

    Twilight brings the mayhem necessary to make the ocean turn red from the slaughter of monsters. A life without twilight is a life with no catharis whatsoever. Giving up the twilight means sacrificing any ability to heal.

    I always live in the twilight. That is home for me. Who needs or wants the sun’s hateful glare? For what is life without romance and without catharsis, anyway?

  2. we can’t stay in the limbo of twilight forever. redemption has to come, at some point.

    always (and you know that, dont you?),

  3. Dang! you’re good! 🙂 pero ano siya?

  4. I share your belief on this.

  5. I’m just wondering, is dying culture male or female?

  6. Why, do you want a date?

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