Posted by: Jae | July 18, 2007

Putting It On Paper

Okay, so I took on a new job two weeks ago. I went to Vietnam last month on a vacation. I got myself a laptop, and more importantly, learned how to use a laptop. Granted, it hasn’t exactly been a completely-staid past month. Oddly enough, though, I have this vague disconcerting feeling of having settled in so — too? — easily into the pattern and grind and whirr of “adult” life. I’ve been in been-there-done-that mode since the early part of 2007, wherein I thumb my nose at college kids at Sarah’s who fall in love too easily, dress too skankily and don’t have an SSS number yet. Maybe it’s the weather, but I’m bored. Tired, yes, and bored. It’s not one particular thing. It’s certainly not my work, or the group of friends i hang out with. And it’s not something BIG, something that I might need a life-coach for. I suppose it’s just a general sense of restlessness over the predictability with which I currently run my life. (Does that make sense? I’m restless because I’ve gotten to be predictable? Heh. Just make it make sense.)

Like I said, it’s not a big deal. There’s no Alanis Morissette song written about this… phase. I could change my routine, of course. Like maybe stop hanging out at Analog, and start going to Embassy for a change. But I’m not really up to it. And I’m too tamad to get up on my (already starting to become) fat ass and leave the perimeters of UP Village. And I’m feeling anti-social right now and am not in the mood to make new friends.(haha, sunget.)

So how now, brown cow? My friend Steve thinks that I should draw up a list of 5 things that I’ve never done before, but have always wanted to: exciting enough to jolt me out of my mid-year dooldrums, but will cause no fundamental alterations in the general hulma of my life as I know it.

So here goes my list. I’m putting it on paper so I will be “estopped” (how law school!) and that will be motivation enough to see it through. Now, don’t some of you go “ang dali naman nyan!” at some of my entries, because we all are brave in different ways and if you’re mean enough to diss my fears, you’re probably too scared to have a python around your neck, or you pee in your pants when you ‘re made to speak in public. So there.

By next month, August 18, I should have been able to:

1. Eat in a buffet restaurant alone. Dinner, not breakfast. I’ve always been scared of eating in public alone. The usual “mukhang-kawawa” fear. But I’m gradually trying to conquer that. The buffet restaurant is the litmus test.

2. Cook a really difficult mediterranean dish.

3. Do yoga, even though I’m really, really scared of making a fool out of myself and looking so inflexible. I’m doing this on Saturday. My friend Joanne Barriga is conducting classes.

4. Get a Brazilian. *no pain, no gain*

5. Get my hair cut drastically short. (waaaaah)

And maybe all these will prepare me for my ultimate ULTIMATE fear-factor level fear. My biggest fear since first year college. Wait, high school pa ata. I’m giving myself a year. And I can’t even write about it because just thinking about it makes me break into cold sweat.

Urgh. Meantime, wish me luck with number 1-5. And get back to me on August 18.



  1. Dapat more pressure on you. Like, if you don’t get all of these done by August 18, the first person who leaves a comment here gets a free buffet dinner with you and gift certificates to the salon. 😀
    I’m sure you’ll find yourself out of the ho hum humdrum rut we occasionally find ourselves soon enough. Good luck and have fun!! 😀
    Don’t forget to breathe especially when you’re at 3 and 4. Haha.

  2. Ok, free buffet dinner and free mani-pedi THE NEXT TIME I FIND MYSELF IN CEBU. Hahaha. Really scared din of number 4. Sabi nga nila, breathe deeply and take an analgesic.

  3. My hair’s pretty short now. You should see it.

  4. fear not, rosey pie! 😉 looking forward to you ticking off all those items. loved your python pic! and jordan’s ‘i’m trying to smile but this snake is scaring the hell out of me’ look. i have a ‘things to do before i turn 30’ list with my friend. will post it one of these days..

  5. 1.While I love eating alone, di ko ma-imagine magbuffet mag-isa!
    2.Hmm, forever ko binabalak ang tulad nito.Pero since loser ako sa kusina, carbonara lang ang goal ko.
    3.Yoga rocks! Gusto ko rin sumali.Ayusin ko muna sked ko.
    4.Jae, masakit to.Sobrang sakit. As in.Super.Ok enough na ba ang emphasis?
    5.teka teka, maganda buhok mo!!! waah

    you’re in a slump.dumaan din ako jan. it’s a terrible phase!

  6. dianne: i should see YOU. hello, how long has it been? parang five million times na kami lumalabas ni mori, ni jeremy, pero never ka namin nakakasama. anubayun. nagkita na ba kayo ni jeremy simula nung dumating sya?

    risa: haha, hiwalay pa yung things to do before thirty ko. hmmm, ma-blog na. si jordan, pasikat lang yan. ayaw magpatalo sa kin. hahaha.

    golda: waaaah. dont scare me. desidido na ako.

  7. hirap ako gumawa ng things to do list. ang galing galing mo talaga jae at nakagawa ka at ang hirap-hirap ata (reading the emphasis on “masakit”) lalo na ang number 4. now i can’t imagine kung ano ang ULTIMATE mo.

  8. Hey August 18 na! What about that brazilian wax, ha? 🙂

  9. 😉

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