Posted by: Jae | July 22, 2007

Yoga Tayo!


Some time back, when I was going through an illness, friends were telling me that a better diet and yoga would help my kidneys a lot. I tried to eat more veggies and drink my milk, but I resisted the yoga part because… ok, I used to be one of those misguided people who thought that yoga was, well, kind of hokey. Like voodoo and wicca and new age tantric sex. (mantra… tantra… chakra… CHAKA, i used to say, hehe.) Then someone sent me some material on it months ago, and the many health benefits piqued my curiosity. But then, I was intimidated at the thought of being the sole yoga beginner in a room full of strangers, all of whom were yoga experts and looked like human noodles, and who would steal glances at the girl in the back with the pained expression on her face.

Several months later, Joanne Barriga, a friend of mine and a former yoga instructor at Fitness First, sent out a mass email inviting all her friends to yoga sessions she would be conducting herself. I hesistantly joined the session yesterday, a Saturday, enticed by the proposition of learning about an activity from which many health benefits could be derived while in the company of a small group of people who were beginners like myself and who wouldn’t laugh at me.

Suffice it to say that I really had the best time in months. I’ve been feeling very sluggish for several weeks, suffering from the dooldrums and all. Feeling out of sorts too because of a fight with someone. As corny as it may sound, after that session, I felt invigorated and alive. It felt good to sweat so much, to feel all your senses heightened and to just shut out all the problems of the day. Joanne is so nice and she’s sensitive about the fact that we’re all beginners so she starts with the basic steps, so that us yoga virgins won’t feel any inadequacies or insecurities. The class is small and intimate and unpretentious, with no super-rich matronas in branded outfits or grim-and-determined new-agey types. The yoga studio is equally unpretentious, but very lovely, as it sits smack in the middle of a quiet garden in 13th St., New Manila.

Classes for the “Yoga Tayo” program are held on Tuesdays (7:30-8:30 pm) and Saturdays (4:00-5:00 pm) at a house in New Manila, walking distance from E. Rodriguez. Each session costs P200. That’s cheaper than normal rates. Some may still find it a little steep, but it’s really worth it. You can decide to go only once a week, if you want to. Please contact Joanne at to get more details, like the exact address of the house. Or you can ask me too.

I texted Joanne today to ask her if it was okay that my abdomen felt a little sore. (I got worried because rain-on-my-parade Enteng said that it meant my posture was bad and I was doing my poses all wrong). She said that it was normal and that it meant “my core was activated.”

And I thought that was very, very cool. That my core was activated. Yay. 🙂

p.s. I also got a haircut today from Monica’s hairstylist at Azta Salon so that’s two out of five from the List.

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  1. wahoo! sexy hair! luuuuveeeehht.

  2. Salamat, Jae. For your witty words and funny lovely thoughts. And for giving yoga a try.

    My love and pursuit to learn the practice have become more meaningful now that it is shared.

    Keep and share the faith, dearest 🙂


  3. thanks joanne. loko tong si gus, inaasar ako, row four na daw ako kasi nagskip ako ng two sessions dahil pumunta akong davao.

  4. do you still have yoga classes??

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