Posted by: Jae | July 29, 2007



Some things just jump at you. And eat at your heart. This is one of them.I wish no one would ever have to feel that she (or he) was not good enough to love.



  1. Could it be that it is actually the exact opposite of what it says that is really scary? That is, that we might be good enough to love, but we are not good enough to f*ck.

  2. indi iyan totoo, tingnan mo na lang si kris aquino. debunked agad iyang drama na iyan.

  3. chrisgel – speechless ka ba o ano?!

    jeremy – well, you dont have that problem, yummy jeremy… harharhar.

    gari – at ano naman ang kinalaman ni kris aquino?!

  4. Interesting question Jem posed, though:

    Would you rather be good enough to fuck but not good enough to love; or good enough to love but not good enough to fuck?

  5. but should they be mutually exclusive? isn’t sex the most satisfying when it is with someone you’ve invested your feelings in? my own dichotomy is not whether i’m good for either one of that…. i know i’m good in both respects…. but i don’t know if i’m even cut out for relationships at all. isn’t that worse?!? haha! now you just gave me a blog topic…. 😛

  6. if you are a bad ass leftist flirt, okay na ako sa good enough to fuck coz it’s the trend anyway. enough na ang drama, meme na muna: YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED!

  7. i think i’m gonna go with Gari on this one — Kris Aquino really is good example of a bad example… i mean, you can actually use her as a warning for everything!

  8. my greatest fear is that i’m too good to be f*cked… WHOAH! (tamblingan na!)

  9. Pareng Boy,

    Salamat sa pagsang-ayon.


  10. vince – totoo naman yun, sex is best with someone you really love. we’re too old na (naks) for friday-night-fumbling. magkakaosteoporosis na tayo. hehe.

    Gari – mas gusto ko ata maging hotass leftist flirt. :p

    Nold – Oo nga, cautionary tale for everybody.

    Gus – waaaah. dalisay na birhen.

  11. mas frustrating yung too good to be loved, too good to be fucked.

    ika nga, “its not you, its me.” HAH.

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