Posted by: Jae | August 21, 2007

My Friends Have Blogs

…. but I don’t have a blog roll.

So in lieu of an honest-to-goodness blogroll at the sidebar, here’s one entry dedicated to the wonderful blogs of my wonderful friends. I’ve decided to make this when two super-close friends of mine hopped onto the blog wagon this week. Some of the blogs are spankin’-new, some have been around for a while. Im not going to include anymore blogs of “regulars” like Vince and Emman and Arnold and Josel, or blogs I’ve talked about and referred to like Golda’s.

 The inexhaustive, utterly-incomplete list in random order:

I like the blog of Jonas Bagas,  my friend and my favorite gay rights advocate. Jonas, the media officer of Risa (Hontiveros of AKBAYAN),  always manages to come up with writing both provocative and sound — a tough act to pull, but he does it and he does it with a flourish.

 Jenny is my friend from way back, my teammate from debate and the only person who has literally made me cry while reading her written work, out of sheer talent and sans any external emotional context. The only other time she made me cry was when she almost died two years ago. She eventually went to law school and is now a bigshot corporate lawyer. I miss the Jenny who I had impromptu picnics with at the hardin ng mga diwata.

And then there’s Jeremy, the sexy public intellectual, the academic with abs, (teehee) who forces us once a year (mainly because he’s only here once a year) to think about fancy theories on psychoanalysis and ethics and post-modern thinkers. He’s still laugh-a-minute hilarious, and talking with him always brings me back to that time almost a decade ago when a tattered green tent held all our dreams.

Dianne Roa, also known as Delilah, is my favorite drinking buddy and one happy gurlfriend who gets it all the time. She’s scheming and manipulative and downright skeri at times, but she’s well, she’s just love all over. She’s love in a headband-wearing, dirty-bag toting, beer-guzzling,  beautiful (if not slightly pudgy hehe) frame.  She has two blogs: here and here. Personally, Dianne, I like the second blog better.

My high school best friend Jordan, got on the blogwagon this week. Yay!  The writing that I have come to know and love since high school — witty, gentle, heart-rending, sometimes all at the same time — is now out there for more people to see via this blog.

** like I said, this is a very inexhaustive, and very initial list. 

p.p.s. i love my horoscope! Shall we list all the things you must endure and are not able to alter? Hmmm. Perhaps not. There’s only a limited amount of space on this page and only a limited amount of time in your life. Every moment is precious. Hours spent in a state of resentment or anxiety are, if not quite hours wasted, certainly hours not used to their full potential. So, don’t list your difficulties, just try to notice what they all have in common. In some subtle way, they symbolise your biggest stumbling block. This, in turn, represents your greatest chance to move on. Be willing to learn and your breakthrough may yet come sooner than you think.

For creepy-accurate (well, at least, sometimes) horoscopes: click



  1. Ooh, “witty, gentle, heart-rending”. The best review EVER! 🙂

    I clicked, all of you should too! 😉

  2. i know! bagay na bagay sa kin horoscope, at hmmm, ang ganda din ng virgo horoscope hehehe.

  3. mali yung bilang mo sa blogs ko.

  4. Grabe, small world… you know jem dechavez pala. hahaha.

  5. jem is one of my closest, oldest, dearest guy friends. 🙂 eengot-engot palang yan na freshman nung college e kilala ko na yan. hehe.

  6. Jae, uber-sorry for not being able to meet up with you before I left. Just goes to show hanggang ngayon ay eengot-engot parin ako he he–some things never change. I’ll make it up to you next year 🙂

  7. ngek, i was in davao ata din. u texted di ba? we should go back to the videoke place where mori gave the standup comedians our resumes.

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