Posted by: Jae | August 22, 2007

Happy 10,000th Blog Hit To Me

I don’t have a preoccupation with numbers, I don’t aspire to be the Filipino blog with the most hits (that would be my friend, Josel, heehee) and I’m still too anti-social to join blog communities — but I’m in the mood to celebrate this blog milestone. I celebrated my first 1,ooo hits so why not 10,000?

Of course, the surge in blog hits has been aided in no small measure by the frenzy over Malu Fernandez and a lot of people have been going to my blog not to read my stuff but to read the People Asia articles. While I’m happy to join my voice to the hundreds of outraged voices against snobbery and bigotry, I couldn’t help but feel a tad self-conscious that these “hundreds of outraged voices” would also read about my failed foray into meditation, or my feeble flirtation skills.

But, well, on second thought, who bloody cares? Certainly not the girl who fell on her butt before a throng of people while racing to catch the MRT, and who accidentally spilled champagne over the Prime Minister of Australia because her stilletos were too wobbly?

Panalo. Wecome to my world.



  1. ang yabang mo. in peyrness, napapabilang na din ako.

  2. pinag-iisipan ko. maybe i should compose some long entry about malu fernandez and link it to yours. hahaha. cheating.. wag na.

  3. naka 90 hits ka na ata eh. 30 hits dun ako, pabalik balik. boooh.

  4. bakit. pabalik-balik din naman ako dito ah. Saka yung ibang comments mo dito, mashadong engineered. hahaha.

  5. nagtatampo ka lang kasi binubura ko yung mga comments mo na masyadong compromising. haller, nasa world wide web po tayo ateng, hindi tayo nagyoyosi at naglalasing sa sarahs.

  6. wheeeee!

  7. kongrats! all hail and all that!

    Honestly, ikaw yung orig pinoy blog idol ko! pramis. when i started my blog you had 4,500 + hits… i said to myself — DAT’S WHAT I WANNA BE WHEN I GROW UP!

    And yes, wala kang pag-asang mahabol si Josel, hits-wise 🙂

  8. Lumalabas ang competitive streak ko sa blogging phase na to. Tama ba namang i-check kung gano katagal ka umabot sa 1001 hit mark.. hahaha.. na-p-pressure tuloy ako.

  9. Hi Jae. I must be the 11,732nd person to have “hit” your blog. I must say that your blog is an answer to that of the sassy lawyer 🙂 You write stuff that are straightforward and no nonsense. Keep ’em coming.

  10. Salamat, Dong. Oh no, I’m sure you must’ve read the “Hot Sexy Lawyer in Bondoc” entry too…. Waaaah.

  11. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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