Posted by: Jae | August 25, 2007


* inspired by a news article I read two weeks ago in CNN.

Under the plastic ear
Where two decades
And overeager chubby fingers
Have chipped the paint,
There is a chink, a tiny crack;
And on the string that you pull
To release a melancholic lullaby
There is a speck of red turned brown by time
That tells a story from a lifetime ago,
When a thriftshop toy dog
With cartoon eyes,
Bruised a man with a thriftshop tie,
Who hurt the little girl
With the goofy smile.
He swung his fist and hit her lips,
Drawing first blood,
As red as his desire, as dark as his sin.
And she smashed his face again with
The silent plastic yellow dog.
Over and over,
Drawing on ancient angers
And the righteous indignation
Of her Treasury of Bible Stories Classic Edition.
“We killed him”,
She imagined herself saying,
In the early evening news,
To the news reporter with the big hair
And glazed smile.
But he slinked away,
For that night, defeated.
And when she says to you
That Budoy makes her feels safe,
Now you know she’s not just talking about,
Lullabies sad, sleepy and sweet.



  1. naiyak ako.
    alam ko to.

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