Posted by: Jae | September 29, 2007

For the Children of Rangoon, Burma

New York talks to Manila talks to Vancouver talks to London talks to Hong Kong talks to Johannesburg talks to Sidney everyday. Trade borders down, internet lines up. Whirring, whirring, the world is whirring with the sound of inter-connectivity. We are all connected by CNN, cyber porn and Paris Hilton.

And yet, they have forbidden us from seeing your tears.

Your government is raiding your monasteries, stoning your parents, killing your saffron robed monks, raping your country. Cruel and merciless and persistent.

But we have been denied access to your cries.

Two hundred soldiers march at your Sule Pagoda, clattering their shields with wooden batons. We imagine you cringing in terror, but you are not allowed to speak to us of your fears. There are no photographs, no videos. Only junta-manufactured truths.

We are not allowed to see your anguish.

But we hear you, Rangoon. In bits and slivers, we hear you. We know of your bravery. We watch you in awe as you rise against the tyranny; we see only a people bold and brave and beautiful and longing to be free. We bleed with you, Rangoon. We weep for your martyrs. We seethe at the epic injustice that is your story.

And down on our knees, eyes closed, we pray with you.




  1. Yet another of your fine writings. We must do what we can for the Burmese people. They need our help.

    Jae, this is my first time to comment in your blog even though I visit your blog everyday, if not more times a day. Your writing has captivated me from the very start, even the light stuffs written in tagalog with your wit and humor. I have been wanting to comment for some time already, but have not found the courage to do so until now.

    I cannot tell you who I am and how we know each other, because you would be so surprised. But I just need to tell you that you have affected me so much in a way that I completely did not expect and was not prepared for. The childlike simplicity of your ways, your kindness, and the way you are so REAL, inspire me to be a better person.

    Just to know that in a world that is this impure, there is someone like you so pure and unaffected with the cynicism of the world, then it gives hope to the rest of us. Let me tell you Jae that you are so beautiful. The kind of beauty that is so hard to find and will probably take a whole lifetime to forget.

    Thank you, Jae, for accepting this comment of mine and for giving me this chance to be honest about how I feel.

  2. Whoa!!!! astig na comment yung nasa taasah. Nice Jae.

  3. joe black – thank you for your kind words. i really appreciate them. yes, the burmese desperately need our help, but also, they teach us valuable lessons on courage that we should live by. 🙂

    emman – ang vd di ba venereal disease? anuba. wag ka nga kontrabida.

  4. im reclaiming VD. bakit kontrabida? ok nga eh. go joe black. hehehe

  5. sino si joe black? naku ha, kung kasing gwapo yan ni
    brad pitt… hali ka joe black, i can also inspire you….

  6. hay naku, levy and emman, ang kukulit nyo ha.

    imaintain natin ang integrity ng post na ito na alay SA MGA MAMAMAYAN NG MYANMAR.

    ang mga susunod na comments na HINDI tungkol sa krisis doon, idedelete ko talaga.

    hmp. 😦

  7. Hindi mo ito ide-delete I’m sure… Si Joe Back na kaya? Hmmm 🙂 Meet Joe Black, Jae. With his peanut butter-filled spoon 🙂

  8. Hindi mo ito ide-delete I’m sure… Si Joe Black na kaya? Hmmm Meet Joe Black, Jae. With his peanut butter-filled spoon

  9. Honga… mas natuwa ako sa comment ni Joe Black kaysa sa post ni Jae! Wehehehehe (JOKE!)

    Pero seriously, problema ng buong mundo ang karahasang nagaganap sa Burma — gaya ng problema ng Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Kossovo, Nepal, Pilipinas, atbp…

    matindi ang denial ng taong nagsasabi na “internal” matters lang ang lahat ng ito — “internal” nga, pero “internal” sa buong mundo 😦

  10. this particular entry gave me nothing but goosebumps. so touching talaga ang comment ni joe black (hehe). on a more serious note, matahum gid ka ayu ang corazon mo ‘day!!!
    (should have been Rangoon and Burma…)

  11. parang like ko ang comment number 5 … hmmmm…. 😉 go go go! i’m all for explorations! haha ;-o

  12. ay.. nga pala… yes, i am all for praying, and hoping with the Burmese people. Hindi ba dapat Burma, Jae, hindi Myanmar? Lenggwahe kasi yata yan ng mga miembro ng junta.

  13. kulas and gus, mea culpa. burma nga. 🙂

    sa mga ibang nagcomment na tungkol sa mga peripheral issues at hindi tungkol sa BURMA, hmp. 😦

  14. ateng,

    in fairness ang pagpapahalaga
    ni joe black ang kailangan ng
    mamamayan ng burma…at need mo
    rin sa lalong madaling panahon.


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