Posted by: Jae | October 3, 2007

Naks! Celebrity!

Packing for my Dumaguete-Cebu trip last Sunday, I saw this ultra-conservative white and green floral embroidered puff-sleeved blouse with matrona pearl buttons on my bed. A forgotten gift from a Tita probably that I’ve NEVER, EVER used. Without stopping to think, I stuffed the blouse inside my maleta, right beside the usual barkadahan of tank tops, white t-shirts and low cut jeans that comprise my travel wardrobe.

Indeed, He works in mysterious ways. Because when God makes green embroidered puff sleeved blouses with matrona pearl buttons, He makes them for……tantarantan……….. an impromptu TV appearance at the Cebu Catholic Television Network. Heeheehee.



Thanks Yen-Yen, for taking the pics. And for accompanying me to the studio. And for dinner. Mwah! Golda, hindi ko pinahiya ang Magkaisa Junk Jpepa, downchaworry. Hehehehe.


  1. Jae… really? Catholic Television?! God really does work in mysterious ways! Tila para bagang tinatawag na ka niya back into the fold… wehehehehe 🙂

  2. in fairness,

    maganda ang rehistro mo
    sa kamera at in fairness
    maganda ang blouse or maybe
    wala lang dating ang suot ng
    mga host.


  3. nold – ive never left the fold. ahem. for the record lang. 😉

    gari – salamat, hehehehe. mwah! 🙂

  4. talo pa rin ang naka mysterious ways na celebrity sa naka 2 piece ng bondat. ;p

  5. you look very catholic indeed! 😛

  6. haha ginawa mo pang photographer si yen (king ba ‘to?).salamat sobra.i-aadopt ka na ng magkaisa junk jpepa coalition.i owe you a cup of coffee na galing sa kusina ng shempre, sticker!

  7. YEY!!! My friend is a certified celebrity!!! 🙂

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