Posted by: Jae | October 18, 2007

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Reposting this for my friend and yoga trainer Joanne. Screw. There’s something wrong either with the picture or with the computer, but I can’t seem to upload the picture correctly.

LET GO AND LIVE. Let go of breast cancer and live yoga on October 20, 2007, 3pm, at the Library Foyer of Miriam College, Quezon City.


Registration (no registration fee)

4:00 – 4:15 Welcome
by Joanne Carmela Batistiana-Barriga

4:15 – 5:00 Responses and Free Flow of Ideas
emcee: Tesa de Vela, Deputy Director of Isis International Manila

Dr. Elvira Galang, a Breast Cancer Survivor and Secretary of
Breast Cancer Society of Manila, Inc. and Board Member of
Philippine Breast Cancer Network (confirmed)

Tristan Choa, Director of Bikram Yoga Manila (confirmed)

Tyrone M. Reyes, M.D., contributor of Philippine Star “An Apple
A Day” and writer of several articles on Breast Cancer (invited)

5:00 – 5:10 Healing through Music with Susan Fernandez (confirmed)

5:10 – 6:10 Yoga 40 minutes, Breathing 10 minutes and Meditation 10 minutes

6:10 – 7:00 Songs of Renewal and Peace with Cynthia Alexander (invited),
Bayang Barrios (invited), Noel Cabangon (invited) and
Cookie Chua (invited)

Basics for the Yoga session

The Yoga session hopes to show how comforting and unintimidating the practice of Yoga is by introducing a sequence with basic postures. Bring Yoga mat. If you don’t have one, a thick shower towel can be used as substitute. Remember, Yoga is synonymous to simplicity.

Regardless of limitations we and the society impose on ourselves, everyone is welcome. No limits based on age, weight or gender. Options for different postures will be shown. It is advised that anyone with prior injury or health problems should first consult medical doctor to reconfirm fitness to do Yoga. Experienced and certified Yoga instructors have been invited to help check movement and postures.

Contact Person:

Joanne Carmela Batistiana-Barriga
Mobile: 0918-9405455
Email: ,



  1. ewan ko lang ha… pero duda talaga ako sa mga babaeng may baluktot na pagnanasa… PERO ibahin ninyo itong si Joanne Barriga, dahil siya ay babaeng may pagnanasang bumaluktot (magkaiba yun ha!) 🙂

    pero Joanne, promise… sasali ko sa Yoga class mo (kapag naubos ko na yung supply ko sa bahay na isang toneladang tsokolateng Goya)

  2. bagong arnold: ikaw talaga, kasama ako sa pag lafang ng mga Goya na yan! (galeng: yoga, goya)! yung Serg tsokolate-e naubos na rin ba? hmm… di ba sarado na yung pabrika sa Cainta. Bat nga uli un? sagot sagot. Hinihintay ko nang nakikita sa mailing list ang “Boy Yoga”. Kampai

    jae ganda: thank you, love. sinong nagbayad ng ad? 😉 enjoy the wedding… of your friend (ah…) on Saturday. hehe, naughty.

    Look forward to see new and familiar faces on Saturday. Speakers for the dialogue on breast cancer and yoga are Dr. Elvira Galang (who will tackle breast cancer experience from the patient/advocate’s point of view), Tristan Choa (on concrete health benefits of yoga and specifically to improvement of health of breast cancer patients) and Dr. Delia Patawaran, Obstetrics and Gynecology from Far Eastern University (gives a medical perspective on breast cancer and yoga).


    *Namaste is an Indian expression used as a greeting or upon parting, by putting the palms of the hands together in prayer position. It means, “I honor the Spirit in you which is the same Breath that lives in me.” This is also a way of saying, “I recognize that we are all equal.”

  3. arnold, hehehe. isama mo na ang gallon gallon na red horse. pwede ka pa naman uminom. thursdays – analog, tuesdays – yoga.

    joanne – hindi pa bayad. sisingilin palang kita. bwahahaha. joke. no probz. pero di ko gets yung “naughty”. cousin kong si nina ang ikakasal. one of my super closest cousins. 🙂 have fun on saturday, sayang talaga di ako makasali. i hope maulit.

  4. hello joanne. noel here, dont know if you remember. noel from UP, a long time ago. i was just arranging old paper files and i saw the postcard you sent me. tried searching your name sa FB but couldnt find you. How have you been? i hope everything is great and well with you.

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