Posted by: Jae | October 28, 2007

“I was your silver lining but now I’m gold”

I was going to respond to Joanne and Joan’s comments (second to the last and last) here, but then the Erap pardon came out and I had to put the emo trip on hold. Or at least, channel it in a different direction.

Joanne asked, “how many times can this heart break and how much more can it stand?” I guess I’ve asked myself that question a few times before, perhaps reeling from a heartbreak or weary over a protracted impasse. I’ve taken many risks, put my heart out on the line, summoned strength from reservoirs that I did not even know existed, all because I loved a person. But the bottomline is this: if a guy cannot stand up for you, or stay by your side as a team, it’s not love. No matter what he says when you’re alone together. No matter what the other issues in his life may be.

Because, as Rilo Kiley plaintively sang, we’re not meant to simply be silver linings behind dark clouds. We should not allow ourselves to be invisible. We are GOLD. Always believe in yourself. We’re indestructibo-ol. Ay teka. Iba na pala yun. Hehehe.

And of course, the super-emo intro is my intro to this funky video of Rilo. Happy song ko ito. My high school friend Risa featured it in her blog, and then I remembered I really like it too.

Dedicated to Joan and Joanne. 🙂



  1. mali lyrics mo. “always believe in your SOUL. you’ve got the power to know… you’re indestructible.” bwahahahah.

    on your REAL point, yes, that’s really important, isn’t it? that your guy is on your team and you’re on his. you have to be teammates when facing the rest of the world.

    pero mali pa din talaga lyrics mo. parang naaalala ko tuloy ang “skyline pigeon.. dreaming of the old man… waiting for his time… till he can spread his wings… and fly away again…” moment mo. nyahaha.

    peace. labyu. 🙂

  2. “its enough to make kings and vagabonds… leave the fairy nest…”


  3. Thanks, Jae! The song made me smile! My heart is breaking no longer, and I feel golden 🙂

    You’re so right, you have to be a TEAM. Not the whole you and me against the world drama, that’s just tiring, but “we’re on the same side, always.” Mahirap naman siguro na magkasundo sa lahat ng bagay, pero dapat walang iwanan at laging magkakampi kapag humarap sa mundo. You may have fierce disagreements in private, but you should be a solid unit in public.

  4. My sentiments exactly. Dapat walang laglagan. Tumindig para sa isa’t isa. It’s the least that you can expect, actually.

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