Posted by: Jae | November 4, 2007

Kikay Notes

So they call me Akbayan’s resident maarte schar-schar girl (schar schar = a term invented by Gus and the Akbayan Gay and Lesbian Collective meant to be a phonetic imitation of the brand of kolehiyala accent common among graduates of Catholic girls’ high schools).

Masakit, mehn.

This despite the fact that I always tell myself that there are a hundred thousand girls more maarte than the perky, sweet, simple, charming, uber-cool and (very, very self-aware, hehehe) activist who insists on wearing SPF 50 sunblock during every rally and carries a pink swiss knife with a tiny vial filled with liquid blusher (wait, fyi, kung hindi dahil doon sa pink swiss knife na yon, malamang nasa tabloid na ako atisang malamig na bangkay).

I must admit, the “maarte” tag sometimes stings. Sometimes lang. A few weeks back, a friend of mine asked why I don’t write about kikay tips or fashion advice daw in my blog. Eh kasi nga, ayoko talagang asarin ng mga tao. Besides, there’s really not much advice I can give. My regimen is pretty simple, my non-negotiable being only sunblock. (not because ayoko umitim, hello maitim na ako, but because the harmful effects of the sun are scientifically-proven). And of course my political sensibilities make me recoil at the thought of buying eye cream that could feed a family of five for a week. Not to mention that my NGO paycheck would, in the first place, not be able to afford it.

Besides, I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with my fashion advice. For example, I love food-based scents. I love to smell yummy (and lickable and eatable, hehe), so I like vanilla-ish scents, fragrances that smell of churned cream with a hint of coconut. Jonas, my gay friend, disagrees with a passion. Whenever I’d spritz it on, he’d wrinkle his nose and scream “copra! copra! amoy copra! para sa bondoc peninsula!”

But recently, I’ve discovered this product that I’m willing to stake my life on. I swear to God, this is the miracle product to beat all miracle products. I bought it in the Cubao Expo I previously wrote about. The laptop bag I was looking for wasn’t there anymore (they didn’t have the pink kind), so I walked around with my Mom and looked at some of the other wares. I discovered this line of organic skin products called “Leyende” and being in the market for a day moisturizer (I use Olay at night), I decided to try their moisturizer and face base called “face canvass”.

I’m an oily-faced girl, so greasy moisturizers are a no-no to me. Many moisturizers promise to be light and non-greasy, ngunit madaming beses na din akong umasa at nasaktan. This one, however, was true to its promise. It’s made of mango butter from India, and smells of nuts and milk. So good, I found it difficult to resist licking my fingers after applying the cream on my face. The best part is, when I looked at pictures taken yesterday in Tagaytay while I was wearing the cream, my face looked so flawless and all the scars and blemishes seemed to disappear.I tried using it before hitting the treadmill at the gym, and guess what, I can finally, finally say, “pretty girls like me don’t sweat; we GLISTEN.”

Oh and this is the best part. I ran into my ex recently and he actually told me, “you look absolutely radiant.” Of course, it could be because I was flushed by all the running I did, late as I was for a talk that I was giving and the UP Ikot jeeps were being uncooperative,  that my cheeks took on a rosy pink. Or na-miss lang ako ng ex ko. (antawag dyan, the rose-colored lens of regret — CHAROT! hehe) But I’m pretty sure that extra glow that day was given some kick by organic ingredients sealed in a glass jar.

You can look at the entire product line here. Go, sige na, look at it. The product descriptions are very interesting and the entire site is extremely well-written.




  1. radiant talaga?!

  2. Gusto ko nyan!!! Panic buying na ito sa december paguwi ko. 🙂

    “antawag dyan, the rose-colored lens of regret — CHAROT! hehe” – lol

  3. wahahahahah! isa ka ngang kikay shar-shar gurl!

    pssstt pa try ako ng cream of mushroom… ehek mango pala …na yan hah… 😉 tapos, lalapit ako sa ex mo… tapos, sasabihin din niya: “… you look absolutely radiant…” HAHA, para patas ang product test natin! Better yet, lalapit ako dun sa mga balak mo pa lang lapitan ahaha, yung taga Ateneo! Yun!

    so there…i’m back…
    miss na kita 😉

    sheht mhehn, dami ko na backlog sa jaefever blog reading! deyhm.

  4. ella – radiant. stunning. smoldering. hahahaha. abono. 🙂

    jordan – lets hit the christmas bazaars when you get here. cant wait na!!

    gus – youre back from outer space!!!! miss na kita. 🙂 teka, sinong taga ateneo? euw. ayoko ng katipunan boys. hahaha. joke lang, everyone. public sphere pala ito.

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