Posted by: Jae | November 10, 2007


E di ba nga stress-stressan ako these days. So gusto ko magshopping. Bago kong hilig ngayon online (window) shopping.  (Para wala nang gastos sa pagkain.) Nasa mood ako bumili ng dress. Dress talaga. Happy kasi magsuot ng dress. Yung short and swishy. Kasi hindi ka na mamromroblema kung terno pangtaas mo at pangbaba. At pwede ka magsuot ng granny panties na malaki, unlike kung nakalow waist skinny jeans ka.

Pero dahil hindi naman ako eredera, isa lang ang pwede kong bilhin.

Exhibit A. – playful and sexy, but at the same time, puson-friendly. masayang iaccessorize. kaso, hindi pwedeng pang-araw araw kasi malamig sa office.


Exhibit B. – ganda ng cut. feeling ko elegant. sexy with a lot of leg, but at the same time pwede kang magmukhang serious kung suotan mo ng pearl earrings.


Exhibit C. – love the sleeves. love the tela. love the unique shape.


Sigh. Ang ganda lahat. I love them all. And I love how the dress trends now are so belly-forgiving and leg-baring. But I need to pick one.  Tulungan niyo ako. Cast your votes now. 🙂

* A and C are from Asya Fusion

* B is from Fab Finds.



  1. i would have to go with b. the first one looks like a bag with straps. the third ones have a teenage design and has the same form-fitting appearance as a maternity dress; it’s not a dress for a lawyer who wants to be taken seriously. however, to wear the second one you cant have ‘fat arms’ — hope you have been doing your dumbbell exercises.

    and no, i dont like the fashion trend that is belly-forgiving. sigh. i think the real reason for that trend is that society is aging and moneyed people all across the world are all fat and out of shape. that brings the interesting thought that maybe this fashion trend is here to stay. the industrialized world drives the fashion trends, and as everyone in the industrialized world is old and fat that could mean that all of the ‘dresses’ will make you look like either a benedictine monk or trying to hide a pregnancy. the dresses that are ‘belly-forgiving’ and ‘leg-baring’ all remind me of some lady in her mid-forties that is desperately clinging to her youth, disappointed that the men no longer look at her on the street so she tries to show off her legs while hiding the rest of her deteriorating form. all so that she can say to herself: ‘see? im still sexy.’

  2. C ang vote ko.mkhang sosyal. ung A maganda din pero pwede siyang gawin mo from a big shirt.hehe.

  3. dan – youre just a guy’s guy with cave-man (or beavis and butthead?) instincts, except that youre trying to be intellectual about it harharhahar. 😀

    oh, and the industrialized world IS all about nicole ritchie and paris hilton and lindsay lohan and little girls wanting to be like them by sticking a finger down their throats after lunch everyday. harharharhahar. so there. :p

    golda – sosyal nga yung C, pero baka “too” sosyal for me. Hahahaha. san ko nga kaya masusuot? im thinking of getting A or B and then getting C pag malapit na holidays. Haha. polka dots. pang new year na din. 🙂

  4. B or C sa akin. i saw a lot of beautiful women wearing these kinds of dress styles a while ago and they really look hot and pretty. nasa pagdadala lang naman. maganda o pangit, mataba o payat, sexy o hindi, kahit ano naman siguro suot mo, basta kaya mong dalhin, okey lang. i’m sure babagay naman sa iyo kahit anong damit. (hehehe)

  5. no, hollywood has never been representative of america or the industrialized world, nor will it ever be (never believe that what comes out of hollywood represents america. case in point, hollywood has just come out with a series of about 5 or 6 anti-government, anti-iraq films and all of them are failing at the box office and losing money. imagine that! yet hollywood cant figure out why. um, like, maybe it’s because the rest of america doesnt agree with hollywood. but no doubt those films will get critical acclaim in europe…). instead what you describe is the general sickness of hollywood types, which comes from a life of privilege and toadies to serve, and after a lifetime of that they honestly believe that rules dont apply to them because they are special — i am confident that movie stars in the philippines are every bit as bad.

    youre deliberately missing my point, which is the general greying of society, all as an excuse to bash our culture on some trite, unrelated point and making sweeping generalizations in the process. not funny.

  6. dan: my point is simple. the “industrialized world” pressures women to be thin and svelte, despite the fact that real people have bellies and jiggling arms. you started it when you talked about how the world is being run by people who are fat and out of shape. the truth is that these people are left out in the fringes.

    and you’re right. that’s not funny.

    oh, and “extraordinary rendition”, that’s not funny either.

    chrisgel: teka, napagod ako dun. hinga muna. hehe, thanks ha, sa claim na lahat ng damit bagay sa akin. kahit hindi totoo. :p

  7. dresses lang pinauusapan dito kung san san na napunta? 🙂 Exhibit A ang vote ko, and while i am not smart enought to get into that discussion about hollywood and industrialization, can I just say, A doesnt look like a bag with straps.

  8. haaay korekz. parang gusto ko sabihin tuloy, “dont look at me.. im just a ditz here, seeking fashion advice from my ditz-buddies.” harharhar.

  9. i’ll be one of those carrying out ‘extraordinary rendition’. that’s what im trained to do. you talk about it as if it were a bad thing, as if it were so bad to question detainees to guard the american way of life. ever see the series ’24’? if the american people were against these methods, you wouldnt see jack bauer doing the same thing and actually, a little worse.

    oh, and while we’re at it, i might as well inform you that the stuff you see on tv where u.s. soldiers are carrying out ‘atrocities’ by executing suspects that are already disabled, that is what we are trained to do. the reason why is because the rifles we use only have 5.56 mm rounds, which are designed to specifically wound and not kill — which is fine in a major war against real armies where they have to bring in medivac helicopters and several other soldiers are taken out of the fight just because of one wounded guy. and compare that to the 7.62 mm rounds other armies use, which just, um, kill.

    all this is well and good, unless youre fighting a guy on a suicide mission. shoot him with a 5.56 round, and he is down alright, but he still has all kinds of opportunites to kill and he isnt quite taken out of the fight. accordingly, we are trained to approach, and take a final head shot against the guy while he is lying on the ground. i am sure you have seen that kind of stuff blown up in the media saying that we are war criminals. but they arent the ones in the fight — we are.

    easy for you to judge us while you sit in your comfortable living room.

  10. oh, and i forgot: yes, the world is being ‘run by fat people’. i assume you know the statistics of obesity in europe, the u.s., and even japan. you talk about eating disorders as an epidemic or something. maybe it is in hollywood, but as we already established — all together now — hollywood doesnt represent america.

  11. and your president once said, “torture is never acceptable, and we never hand over people to countries that do torture.”

    so that was all lip service after all. you must understand, dan, that extraordinary rendition isnt simply about “questioning detainees” as you put it. the methods being employed are torture methods and are all deemed unacceptable in the modern world. even absent physical maltreatment, solitary detentions, being held incommunicado, being denied the right to counsel are in themselves universally-proscribed human rights violations.

    and furthermore, there is a wide gamut of studies that demonstrate conclusively that confessions extracted through torture are unreliable.

  12. nosebleed!

    boto ko A. 😛

  13. haggard. greenhills na lng tayo.

  14. ang pick ko ay “A” din. hindi lang para sa yu ‘day kundi para na rin sa mga sundalo na gumagamit ng 5.56 mm rounds. kasi pag belly forgiving nga ang uniforme, maraming sandata ang puedeng itago sa baywang area at isa na dun ay ang sandata na gumagamit ng 7.62 mm rounds (hehe).

  15. gusto ko yung c… ganda-ganda ng models e… yung b mennequin lang… yung a naman, “kapitan pugot” look…afraid!

  16. Haha, anubayun, damit lang ang issue eh pumunta na sa usapang-giyera! Kaloka. Hindi ko kaya ang ganyang kausap, as in. Parang kung date, eh umuwi na ko. Hahahahahaha.

    Before I forget, ang boto ko ay “A”. Feeling ko yun ang pinakabagay sa yo 🙂

  17. makisali nga din kahit huli na. my vote goes to dress “A” – you’ll never go wrong with solid colors, nice pa yung cut ng dress. this is similar to the brown dress you wore after yoga class ano (without the sleeves). Nice.

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