Posted by: Jae | November 12, 2007

Tough Guys Don’t Dance


 Good night, Mr. Mailer.



  1. Back in college binigyan ako ng tito ko ng biography ni Mr. Mailer. I loved him instantly – his boldness, egotism, politics and how he argued (and won) constantly over Gore Vidal. When great people die you can’t just shrug it off na “Well, 84 years old na rin naman sya” – it’s still always sad, and such a loss.

  2. I havent had the chance to read his biography, pero his works runneth over na with the boldness and egotism you speak of. For me, The Executioner’s Song and Why are we in Vietnam? are the most memorable. Super galing.

    Madaming galit kay Norman Mailer, lalo na nung sinaksak niya asawa nya. Being a great writer naman is altogether different from being a great man, and admittedly, he was not a great man, but he certainly was one heck of a literary genius.

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