Posted by: Jae | November 14, 2007

“General, what is happening to our country?”

Was having a quiet dinner and a few drinks last night with Enteng when Emman texted that a bomb had gone off in the South wing of Congress a few minutes before. As Risa’s office is in the South wing, all I cared about at the time was making sure that our friends working in the House were alright. I called Clang, but she was not in Congress at the time and in fact had only heard of the news from me. When I got to Kit, Risa’s Chief of Staff, her voice was shaking but she assured me that they were all together and no one from Akbayan had been harmed. “Ang lakas lakas, Jae, parang may lindol,” she said.

Then after a few minutes, the flash reports on TV came and we saw footages of the aftermath. The ceiling had caved in and there was chaos and pandemonium everywhere. There were people brought to the hospital on account of serious injuries. Later, the sad news came in that three people had died, including Cong. Wahab Akbar of Basilan.

Of course, this raises serious questions of security. I used to work at the House of Representatives before passing the bar, and I know first-hand that the security measures taken by the guards there are perfunctory at best. Unless there’s a state visit or it’s the day of the State of the Nation Address, the guards don’t even make an effort. (Well, except for the time they confiscated my Body Shop glow enhancer because they thought I was going to use it for some subversive purpose — but that’s another story for another time…)

But really, more than the House security concern, what the fuck is happening?!?! The situation is getting to be downright scary. A bomb goes off in the lower chamber of the legislature, on a workday and immediately after Session was adjourned, killing three people and injuring scores others — no, we are not living in normal times anymore.

Oh, and please don’t bring in a bunch of experts to tell us this is another methane gas explosion.


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