Posted by: Jae | December 17, 2007

Featured Friend of the Week – Week 9 (yata)

Titigilan ko na dapat itong Featured Friend of the Week gimik ko, but when I read Charms’ blog today, I just knew I had to feature her. Sobra akong natouch sa entry na ito. Kung totoong Christmas is about unconditional love and friendship, umaapaw ang blog entry na ito ng Christmas spirit.

Nung nasa Iloilo ako last week, hinatid ako ni Charms sa forum ko at tinanong ako ni Ted, yung organizer ng forum, kung paano kami naging friends. I was about to say “Nung College” and then I found myself pausing. Suddenly, it felt too simplistic to say “nung College”.

“Nung College” does not even begin to describe a friendship so carefully cultivated over time, a sisterhood forged by heartbreaks and drama queen moments, long beer drinking sessions and “i-can’t-believe-you-did-that?!” monday morning quarterbacking. “Nung college” does not cover how she held you when your heart was breaking and wiped your tears when you were bawling; it does not cover one scary night spent at the hospital; it cannot explain how she lets me get away with text messages that go “i love you and I’ve missed you, and I so want to see you, but whatever you do, please wait in the lobby and do not go up to my hotel room”. “Nung college” can never completely capture one whole decade of long conversations, midnight moments at Sarah’s, never-ending fits of laughter.

Mahal ko si Charms. Sobra sobra. At pag nabasa nyo itong entry nya, mamahalin nyo din sya.

Happy Thoughts, by Charmaine Posa

I’ve been having a pretty tough …uhm…life basically but it never really is as bad as I make it seem when I’m drunk and going on and on about my miseries. I am just a drama queen. Since this is generally the case, today I have decided to make an exception and write about the happiest things in life. We must never forget.

Last year, I got rejected by a person. Last month, I got rejected by a company. I am considering applying for one of those tourist visas to first world countries but I’ve decided to postpone this. At this point, I wouldn’t be able to handle rejection by a country. It’s just too much, you know? So I poured my heart out to Dianne and as if never hearing a word she asked me: Gusto mo makita picture namin ni cris? Ang cute.

And then I thought: what the heck, Cge patingin.

Recently I came running to Jae because I got a reprimand and I felt horrible. She said the same thing that she always says: Huh? Exag.

And I figured: Oo nga. Exag. O. A. yun. End of story. Then she added: Try mo tong make up base. Sobrang ganda talaga. Bili kita.

I’ve had some problems with some of the ex-boyfriends. My friends weren’t really close to any of them. The KNL boys especially would just say something like : Musta na lovelife? Hinahabol mo pa rin ba yung ex mo? Some time ago, my friend Mori asked, Anong panagalan ng boylet na kinababaliwan mo? And so I told him. And he said: Huh? Parang refrigerator. That was boyfriend B. When Marga learned the name of boyfriend A, she went: Yun yung pangalan nya? As in yung hotel??

There were some other “potential boyfriends” the names of whom they could never recall.

Basta ung isa, parang hotel.

Ung isa, parang ref.

Ung isa, si Pigsa guy (Don’t ask why. They are just being downright cruel)

Once in a while, when I mention a name, they would say: sino yan?

Oh wait! But everybody can remember Jonathan. They know which one he is exactly.

He was the guy I dated for 4 days and then he said he would go home for a few days to Batangas. He would be back by Friday. And then I waited and waited. He never showed up. Few months later, I got to talk to him again. He couldn’t remember me at all. We all refer to that moment as “the Friday that never came.” Moki calls him: The one who RAN away but most of the time they just refer to him as Yung jologs mong jowa na may kulay ang buhok.

It’s two in the morning and I can’t remember everything but this is my all time favorite. We often ask: What would you do if you and your best friend fell in love with the same guy? Well, I know what to do.

Dianne and I once had a thing for the same guy. More accurately, we believed we LOVED the same guy and we were trying to resolve our hatred for each other over a bottle of beer at Sarah’s. She was crying. I was crying. I was threatened and hurt and frustrated that we had this contest between us. Frozen, she wasn’t saying anything to me. She gets that way when we fight. And I hated her more for that but she just wouldn’t talk.

Suddenly, the UP Soccer boys walked in. So I told her: Bru, soccer boys. And she slowly she looked up to me and said: Saan?

There is humor in heart break.

There is comfort in oblivion.

There is sweetness in cruelty.

And always… always… there are friends.



  1. ang ganda nito.naiyak ako.yuck.kadiri!

  2. haha. yep, girlfriends are the best.

    pero i just need to say this to everyone: writer si charms, may pagka-DROWING kung minsan. exag kung magkwento. mga FIVE minutes kaya namin pinagusapan ung reprimand sa kanya, nagprocessing at capacity-building (capacity-building?), tapos saka lang ako naglaunch into my infomercial-spiel ng aking wonderful face base.

    haller, charms. anubeh. nagkausap din kami ni dianne kagabi. drowing din daw ung “she was crying, i was crying.” WALANG IYAKANG NAGANAP. ang chaka nun.

    and so i shall say once more what i always say: huh? exag. 🙂

    but since, always… always… there are friends, sige na nga. love you. 🙂

  3. aaaw, charms… 🙂 Hug…

  4. g’leng! a frozen dianne, crying… and a hawker jae, not caring 🙂 it’s nice to know that when we share our friends with other people… they (our friends) don’t change a bit. hehehe…

  5. umiyak sya no. hehe. at least naluluha sya na ayaw na parang pissed off na detached na ewan. ayaw nya lang aminin. hehe.

  6. at hello jae, syempre there were other words said..point being, it didnt contain the usual its-gonna-be-all-right and you-can-through-this…im-here-for-you…mga dramang ganun ba…hehe

    teka. Hwag nyo nga ko kontrahin.

  7. at emotional talaga si dianne nun noh…kase supposedly love of OUR life yung lalake na yun..if she denies this, sabunutan ko sya. hehe

  8. nold – i wasnt HAWKING, hello. hindi ko sya binebentahan. bibilhan ko nga sya ano. and um, caring ako. CARING. CARING. duh. if u dont know that by now, u dont know me at all. (hehe)

    charms – “you can go through this”??? “im going to be here for you”?? anubeh charms. di naman tayo tweetums.

  9. Galing naman.san ba kayo lola kumuha ng inspiration sa pagsusulat?gusto ko rin magsulat ng mga senti pieces. pano ba yan ginawa?

    takot akong magsulat.the last time i wrote something, i was detained for hours.sinulatan ko in red paint ng ‘NO TO MILITARIZATION xxx’ walls ng edwards andrews air base. yun lang hinuli ako.

    puede samahan mo ako sa malacanang monday?pinturahan natin gates dun ng GLORIA RESIGN!

    dun natin sa pink bag mo ilagay ang epektos.

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