Posted by: Jae | December 21, 2007


I need your help.

Our clan Christmas reunion every year always has a theme, and each nuclear family competes with each other for the best rendition of that theme. This year, our theme is “One Country, One Dish, One Show — Under God”.

Let me tell you about my family and these themed contests. We are your traditional Pinoy clan with big potluck parties and noisy kisses and kids running around, where everyone loves each other to bits and pieces and the closest thing to a black sheep is a wildchild female lawyer who refuses to settle down in BF homes (hey, could be a lot worse you know). We’re happy and warm and fuzzy. alright.

But during the Christmas season, the competition heats up. And we’re talking cutthroat competition here. Of the sneaky, deadly variety. Kanya kanyang tactics and strategies per family. We get so serious, it’s scary. One family’s style is to complain loudly about not having the time to prepare and about calling it off altogether, and then showing up with carefully-prepared costumes and props. My Mom, profoundly mature and wise at 52, is known for texting relatives “PREPARE TO BE DEFEATED” two weeks before Christmas.

This year, we heard that one family hired a stylist and a choreographer, which OF COURSE, has left my Mom and sister fretting no end. As it is, they were already fretting from the time they heard the countries selected by the other families (Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, Greece, Finland). We had no time to prepare this year, as I was busy with my Amazing Race, my mom was rushing a book, and my sister is a hyper-agitated first year law student. The boys, of course, cannot be expected to be creative; they just run errands and do what we say. Hehe.

Since I was able to buy Vietnamese gowns for me earlier this year when I went to Vietnam, we decided to work around that. Jordan’s coming to Manila tomorrow so I made her buy Vietnamese mixes and spices, thus covering the food concern. The only problem left is the show.

This is a shout-out to anyone who might have a tarpaulin or poster from the Manila run of Miss Saigon, or any of the props used therein. We have not practiced yet, and if we don’t get it done, we will have to go with my Dad’s suggestion to do a powerpoint presentation on Vietnam. (and this is why , as much as possible, the boys in our family are not allowed to think).

As I have fundamental issues with bringing an LCD and a laptop to a christmas party and foisting pictures of the Vietnam War and Agent Orange on people nibbling on their Quezo de Bola, I need your help.

If you have anything at all that we could use for our Miss Saigon production (backdrop, tarpaulin, military costumes you would be willing to lend to me) please, please email me.

We were the grand champions last year:


Narrowly beating them:


Yeah babeh, the heat is on once more.

The heat is on in Saigon.



  1. Maghukay na lang kayo ng foxhole, then pagbabarilin ang mga balikbayan.

  2. Jae… there really are LOTS of things about you (and, apparently, about your family) that i don’t know about 🙂

    p.s. kamukhang-kamukha mo ang mommy mo! (siya yung naka Zorro outfit, di ba?)

  3. bobby – i think magagalit tita ko kung gagawa kami ng cuchi tunnels sa bahay nya sa alabang.

    arnold – haha. mf na mf di ba. oo kamukha ko talaga mommy ko. yun ang unang sinasabi ng lahat ng tao pag nakikita kami.

  4. haha ang saya ng pamilya mo!winner sa costume.sori di kita matulungan dito.ang military outfit ko ay andito sa dumaguete.

  5. sana manalo kami this year ulit. pero mukhang malabo na talaga. 😦

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