Posted by: Jae | December 22, 2007


“While there may be a hundred better reasons to call it quits, i.e.,  incompatibility from day one, mismatch of priorities, fundamental differences in value systems, health issues, life issues, larger-than-life issues — the incontrovertible truth is that the only time you can ever really be sure it’s over is when he can’t make your insides quiver anymore.”

– Eajie P. Mungletown (2007)




  1. awwwww.well here’s hoping the new year will bring someone new to make you heart quiver.

    at dahil malamang di mo kayang heart, other body parts nalang muna. hehhehehehehe.

    p.s. cute si boy tulips. ayaw mo ba dun. i-vase mo naman ung tulips.

  2. quivering body parts? ambastos. haha.

    re tulips, wala kasi akong vase eh.

  3. hindi, scratch that. what i really want for you is someone who would make your heart and insides quiver violently, someone who will rock your world (again).

    tigilan na ang non-challenging boylets. nagiging siga ka lang masyado. hehehehe.

    siga sa mga petiks petiks na bagay, pero duwag where it really, really, really matters.

  4. Uy, ano ba, napaka-true naman ng quote na ito, AS IN!!!! Pag wala na ngang kabog sa puso, wala na talagang pag-asa, ano? Pero maraming beses, I really feel relieved when I discover na wala nang “quivering”, kasi that means kaya ko na talaga mag-move on, at hindi na magpabalik-balik (o gaya nga ng paborito kong pinay (sarcastic po) sa amazing race asia 2 — BAK and PORT, BAK and PORT, in palengkera-speak). Hehehe. 🙂

  5. oo joan! you got it. pag wala nang quivering, sobrang liberating pala, you feel a whole world of possibilities opening up. at pareho tayong may ganong karanasan this year. ang sarap ng feeling na the worst is over. 🙂

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