Posted by: Jae | December 28, 2007

Vietnam loses to Finland

An update to this blog entry.

We did our best….



But I guess our best wasn’t good enough. 😦


Scandinavia trashes Southeast Asia.  Huhuhuhuhu.

*    *    *

And a random pic to show you just how serious everyone is…




  1. Uy, ang ganda ng mga gown nyo!!! Lalo na yung color nung sa iyo! Seksi! Hindi ba pwedeng i-protest ang decision?, hehe 🙂 Ang cute pati nung dad mo sa first picture! Cheers to the new (hopefully, way better) year, fab Jae (and Dianne, and Charms, and Golda and Arnold, and to everyone else here)! Mwah! :-*

  2. yung gowns, binili ko sa vietnam when rache and i went there in june for a vacation. hehehe. wala nang protest, huhuhu. pero next year, maglolobby talaga ako ng price cap at expense limit. sus, yung nanalo, naghire pa ng sound system just for their program. 😦

    happy new year, dahlin!!! its going to be a fab year ahead. cant wait for 2008!

  3. panalo pa rin yung shawarma stand. 🙂

  4. tama si joan… dapat i-protest yung desisyon! hindi naman halatang “finnish” yung costume ng nanalo… at least kayo, obvious na “germans” 🙂

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