Posted by: Jae | January 2, 2008

Happy Happy Love Love Books Books

25,000 hits. On the second day of the New Year too. πŸ™‚

Truth be told, the best thing that I like about having a blog is that I get to practice my writing. This is something that I have not been able do ever since I entered law school in 2001. One of the biggest gifts of 2007, in fact, is this blog, which gave me a reason to string words together again. I had forgotten how pleasurable it was to find the perfect word.

The second best thing to that, of course, is that I did feel that I was able to nurture and develop relationships through this blog. Bonn, when he was here in Manila was just another person that I would see at various network activities. Through blogging, he became a dear friend. Levy was to me simply a labor lawyer whose convictions I admire, but his witty albeit sporadic comments on this blog helped me (and Gus, hehe) know him a little bit more. Of course there are those already my friends but whom I’ve gotten closer to because blogging provided me a medium to do that. Like Jordan and Dianne and Mori and Golda and Arnold and Joan and Emman and Josel and Charms.

I’m sure there are people who read my blog without posting comments, and that’s fine too.

So anyway, because (1) I feel like celebrating my 25,000th blog hit (2) it’s New Year, and (3) people reading my blog should be rewarded with more superior reading material EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, here’s my start-2008-with-a-blast gimik.

Here’s the drill: Let me know what you think is my best blog entry and my worst blog entry and why; otherwise worded, your favorite and your least favorite from all the stuff I’ve posted starting February 2007. The first seven commenters will be given — tantarantaaaaaaan — a book from my bookshelf. (ASTEEEEEEEEEEEEG, mehn. heheheheheheh)

I’ve chosen the following well-loved books and tried to make it as diverse as possible. It’s been my tradition, after all, to give old books to people dear to me:

1. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. (A novel that I love. Winterson also wrote Written on the Body.)

2. She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. (Hilarious and poignant. Heartbreaking yet funny. Another favorite.picked by Charms.

3. The Metamorphosis and Other Stories by Franz Kafka. (Do I really need to make a blurb for Kafka? Does anyone? – picked by Anold

4. The Summer Before the Summer of Love and Other Stories by Marly Swick. (This isn’t a cheesy romance collection. This is an anthology of extremely well-written short stories. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did. Great for long bus rides.) – picked by Golda.

5. Forbidden fruit: Filipino Women Write the Erotic. (I didn’t want to give this away at first, I couldn’t find it in the bookstores anymore. Beautiful. Erotic oems and short stories by Filipino women.)

6. It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken by Greg Behrendt. (Hehe. Cult favorite. May kopya talaga ako, di ba? Wala lang.) picked by Dianne

7. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. (Like Kafka, kailangan pa ba i-blurb? One of my favorites among the classics) – picked by Chrisgel

The first seven commenters may pick a book of their choice. Obviously, when a book has been chosen, it is stricken off the list. I’ll get in touch with you via email.

Mauna na ako. My favorite blog entries are Terrains of Memory, Provinces of Regret and This Week I’ve Manged To Convince Myself That My Life Is Made Up Of Bite Sized Pieces of Poetry. Ay isali mo na din yung Meditation Class Dropout. Ito siguro yung pinakagusto ko yung pagkasulat at nahahappy ako pag binabasa ulit. My least favorite is Funky Friday Night. Cringe-worthy. What the hell was I thinking ??

O kayo na. πŸ™‚


  1. For a shot at:The Summer Before the Summer of Love and Other Stories by Marly Swick. –because I like short stories and long bus rides.And yes,love too.

    fave: to my cousin, on her prom night.–
    because every girl, 15,21, or 31 needs to hear these words.and she needs to hear it often.

    least fave: toilet wisdom–
    kasi ung advice, mejo nakakaasar.di naman ganun kadali un eh!as if mapipigilan mo ang sarili mo.

  2. i like the marketing strategy you’ve got goin. I think we can expect the hits to double in 2008! hehe. wait, let me figure out my worst and best among your entries. but i think theyre all great. BFF!!! and I want a book. heeeeheeeeeee

  3. golda: Yes, I like long bus rides and love too. But not love DURING long bus rides, though that would certainly make a good short story. :p

    Toilet Wisdom. Haha. I had to use the SEARCH toolbar pa to recall what that was about. Nakalimutan ko na yung main point, naalala ko lang na yun yung “Bhebz” thing.

    charms: marketing ploy? oo nga. parang frequent flyer rewards. harhar. and just so you know, i do inter-island shipping. kaya mamili ka na. and you cant say you like everything.

  4. I liked this one so much I had to go through all of your entries (and you have A LOT!)just to find it because I forgot the title. Anyway, I like “Basta Alam Ko” best. This is the selling point:

    “Nung nakita ko ang isang kakilala kong lawyer sa PICC at sinabi niyang abugado siya ng isang party-list, tinanong ko sa kanya kung sino nga ulit ang nominees nila. Ang sabi niya, β€œI’m not at liberty to disclose…
    …Basta alam ko, AKBAYAN ako.”

    It’s all heart. You’re all heart. *wink*

    I like “Taxi” the least. It was actually quite sweet and “feel-goodish” and I dont have a problem with the way it was written but I have a problem believing it. I dont know why! hehe. so when you wrote “True Story”, I was like: “di nga?” Para kse syang Chicken-soupish.

  5. totoo yun noh, IN ESSENCE. haha. the taxi ride was true and the spam part was true. i just improved upon the dialogue. haller, creative license. :p

    natouch ako na of all, nagustuhan mo yung “basta alam ko.” kasi di ka naman akbayan. thanks for that. πŸ™‚

    di mo pa sinabi book choice mo, charms.

  6. wow jae… you might want to think about commenting din sa blog entry ko similar to this… kasi yung 3 pwede ko bigyan naisipan wag na lang. eh gusto ko din magbigay nung watercolor pencils.

    anyway, i like crime and punishment – matagal ko na tong gustong basahin pero when i go to the bookstore, some mysterious feeling nudges me not to buy the book (and wait for it to come to me). kung hindi yun, i’ll go for oranges are not the only fruit. yehey!

    sa daming entries mo na, di ko na maalala kung alin ang gusto ko at alin ang ayaw ko. lahat naman maganda e – worth reading. hmmmm

  7. because i’m desperate to get a book, rules are rules daw so… least favorites – yung mga tungkol sa pagpapapayat. although honestly wala naman talaga akong di gusto. kung meron akong di gusto yung ilang comments na naghaunt sa entries mo on both political issues and personal entries. gusto ko lahat hehehe have to agree with golda, gusto ko din yung entry na yun. i also like the ones on your agrarian reform cases.

  8. favorite ko yung On Boy Friends. maganda pagkakasulat, pero higit sa lahat, dun kita nakitang napikon sa comments. bwahahaha.

    least favorite, ung kay gael garcia bernal. kasi nadudumihan ako sa kanya. ayoko ng bad boy.

    im waiving the books. kasi nabasa ko na lahat. *snob*

  9. hmm… sneaky, jae… very sneaky… trying to get people to reread all your posts ha?! hehehe… sige na nga πŸ™‚

  10. will you ship to canada? lol

  11. for you, jem, yes. πŸ™‚

  12. ok jae, here goes… fave post ko — “Bad people” (i actually felt scared for you while reading it. scared not because it happened, but because it happens often… to you! remember the pink swiss knife stabbing scandal?!)

    least fave (hindi pwedeng ‘worst’ kasi all your posts are very well written. naaks…) – “Sylvia Plath” (kasi, frankly, am not a fan). yun lang πŸ™‚

  13. happy new year jae, hope you eventually found starbucks in binondo. para sa akin, lahat ng sinulat mo dito sa blog masarap basahin. day is never complete without visiting your blog…seriously. (too much grey’s anatomy) hahaha

  14. noldie – haha, pink swiss knife scandal. jae the assassin. well, not quite. πŸ™‚

    levy – yep, your sarcasm was my guiding light. hehe.sarap ng siomai na binebenta sa carinderia na owned by this couple from northern china. hanapin mo at dala ka naman minsan please. πŸ˜€ thanks for always dropping by. you and your work constantly inspire me. happy new year.

  15. Thanks dear Jae. Special mention pala ako rito. Ngayon na lang uli ako nakabasa ng blogs kasi wala akong internet connection sa tinutulugan ko ngayon. Lost for words…. Pero, basta, ang mahalaga masaya tayo lahat at marami tayong natututunan.

    Congratulations, Jae Fever! You simply deserve more than 25,000 blog hits. You’re such a generous blogger – so generous in time, space, exchange of ideas, replies, and sharing of thoughts. Here’s to another great blogging year for Jae Fever! And a Happy New Dear for Jae! πŸ˜‰

  16. at para sa “it’s called a break-up because..”, yung pinaka-pinaka-fave ko would be “meditation class drop-out”. ayos sa control ng humor. and my least would be the long piece on the RP-China Agreement for the simple reason that I couldnt finish it. Hehe.

  17. dahil hindi na tayo madalas magkita, kapag na-mi-miss kita, i just read your blog feeling ko nakausap na kita (cheesy!! pero totoo yan jae!) hope to see you soon!

  18. bonn – mwah! lets see each other soon, ok? hehe, muntik ko na mamiss yung happy new dear, buti binasa ko ulit. 2009 na siguro yung agenda na yun. weh. to quote you, “ang mahalaga masaya tayong lahat at marami tayong natutunan.” hahahaha.

    dianne roa – “control of humor.” para tayong nasa creative writing workshop. πŸ™‚ di mo ba alam na core advocacy ko ang rp-china. hmp.

    klang – ang cheesy nga! kasing cheesy ng “happy new year, i hope we will be friends forever.” hahaha. kita nalang tayo sa bertdey ni jonas “becky” bagas.

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