Posted by: Jae | January 21, 2008

M is for Meatpie and Murder

I watched Sweeney Todd yesterday and now Johnny Depp has taken over my system. When I close my eyes, I see him in full eye-linered glory, ready to slit my throat and make me a meatpie. I’m not a meatpie person (I don’t like empanadas even if they’re from Ilocos and served with special Ilocos suka, and you know what I hate more? Meatpies with raisins) so I don’t want to die and be someone’s meatpie.

I remember when I was a kid, I watched Supergirl and she defeated her opponent by placing her inside this sliver of glass.   I cried because I felt Supergirl didn’t spare her a quarter. (See, I was a sophisticated five-year-old who believed in reform-oriented justice and due process. :)) For several months after, I was haunted by thoughts of being eternally trapped in a sliver of glass, mouth agape and eyes like black beads.

So yes, Supergirl and Sweeney Todd are my two scariest movies of all time.

(Tangnang hang-over to, kung anuano tuloy sinusulat ko. Serves me right for going home at 3am on a weekday. And serves you right for reading till the end.)



  1. ewan ko ba sa entry na ‘to!gusto ko pa naman ang meat bread. at empanada!at cge, itong movie na ‘to ang gagawin ko na 1st movie of the year.mejo pirates pa yata last movie watched ko!loser!

  2. ano yung meat bread and meat pie?

    is that the same as shepherd’s pie? yung may layer ng meat, then potato then kung ano ano pang filling. i remember meron dati non sa greenhouse in AS

  3. hmp. nanood ka na pala ng sweeney todd, wanted to watch it last night but ended up drinking red wine ’til 11pm while discussing a new proposal with a couple of friends.

    kainis din description mo nung ginawa ni supergirl, reminded me of those bonsai cats (where they intentionally grow a kitten into a cat inside a small bottle (so the cat ends up deformed and stuck alive inside a bottle – to be fed only through a straw). sana di to totoo pero i saw a website back in college about this – with pictures. at sobrang disturbing (nadisturb ako true kahit mahilig ako manood ng disturbing films – kaya gusto ko mapanood ang sweeney todd – dahil disturbing siya as a musical – and of course, i really love the songs there especially the one before the finale – not while i’m around). pssst golda, nood tayo.

  4. i like boys in eyeliner. :p

  5. golds – iba ata ang meat bread at meat pie. in fact, di ko alam kung ano ang meat bread. adobo bits sa gardenia? hehe.

    jillsabs – could be shepherds pie, i guess. may ganun sa greenhouse (na tangerine house ngayon)? i remember going to greenhouse for their quesadillas. sarap! i dont like meatpies kasi i dont like anything with indecipherable ground meat.

    chrisgel – kadiri, bonsai cats. sick sick sick. only a sick mind can think of doing that.

    jordan – haha, no thanks. ayoko ng boys in eyeliner. too goth for me. i like my boys maangas and astig, but eyeliner is pushing it too far.

  6. baka naman guilty talaga yung nakalaban ni super girl. buti nga reclusion perpetua lang inabot niya at hindi lethal injection 🙂

  7. mas scary yung Sixth Sense. Baka patay na pala kausap mo. yikes.

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