Posted by: Jae | January 26, 2008

Sucker for Signs

So this morning, over the radio while having breakfast, I heard some guy talking about feng shui. I suppose these things are popular now that the Chinese New Year is drawiing near. I’m not the biggest fan of astrology but I sat up and listened when he talked about those born in the Year of the Monkey. Good year for career, for business, for travels abroad– and my best compatibility match would be with someoone from the Year of the Horse.

Because we are all secret stalkers at heart, I checked the friendster of this guy I had just met yesterday and found out he was born in 1977, which makes him one year short of being a 1978 Horse baby. (And I ALSO found out from my blockmate that he’s married so… so much for that.)

Feeling bummed out over that latest “information” (cute kasi sya talaga, at smart, at leftist, and one of those very rare breed of lawyers with absolutely no air of self-importance), but more likely because I was bored, I decided to go to the Kamuning thriftshops to look at the knickknacks there. I love doing that. And I love that it’s just two minutes away from my house. The guy manning the store was a man in his late ’60s or even older, who mumbled to himself and wasn’t particularly interested in helping me.

I saw this small vintage transistor radio and thought the price was good. While I was about to pay for it, the guy suddenly tipped over this small brass thing and it fell to the floor. I picked it up and saw that it was a tiny horse. Yeah, i know there are probably a gazillion of those, and my overactive imagination is reading signs that aren’t there, but still, i thought it was FREAKY. I asked the grumpy old man how much it was and he said “P50.00” (hehe, cheap taiwan-made knock-off).

So yeah, now I have a completely useless horse thingy sitting on my dresser… all because one random guy was born one year too early to be a Horse and decided to get married before having met me. 😦



  1. ay naku, ung astrology na yan, walang nagkatotoo sa romance part.swak lagi sa travel and career predictions pero sa love, basura!!! picturan mo ang useless horse thing.hehe.

  2. hahahaha kahit ata sa career at travel, walang tama. at malay ko ba kung anong year na pinanganak mga tao noh, at di ko memorize ung corresponding animal, para malaman kung year of the ano sila. ang alam ko lang 1980 year of the monkey.

    sabi yayaman daw ang monkey this year. TAYO! sana magkatotoo.

  3. ang alam ko sa chinese astrology, rose quartz ang gagamitin to attract love and jade to attract money. pero so far, parang di effective. tingnan mo si kris aquino, nagsuot ng rose quartz right before meeting joey marquez. hahaha. maling love ang naattract.

  4. year of the horse ako, kaya bestfriends tayo. 🙂 according to chinese astrology, bad luck daw ang 2008 para sa akin. i refuse to believe it though 😉

  5. jae, 1 year to soon is one year too much… doesn’t being born a year early make him not-a-horse? ewan ko… baka mali lang computation ko. mahina kasi ako sa esoteric math 🙂

  6. jordan – ay true. year of the horse ka nga pala. hehe. compatible best friends tayo! yehey! wag ka maniwala na malas ka pag sinabi nilang malas ka. nung 2005, unlucky year daw un ng mga monkey, e yun yung year na pumasa ako ng bar. (at marami kaming monkey na pumasa ng bar, kasi syempre magkakabatch kami.)

    arnold – oo, not-a-horse naman talaga si boy. kasi 1977 siya. at ke horse sya o ke hindi, hindi na pwede. hehehe.

  7. hoooy jae, 2006 tayo pumasa ng bar.bilis, isipin mo kung bad year mo ba ang year before that!

  8. ok golds, 2005 tayo GRUMADWEYT. without a hitch. 🙂 ok na ba yun?

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