Posted by: Jae | January 31, 2008

End of the World

Golda and I have managed to convince each other that the end of the world is upon us.

A few nights ago, she confronted me with news that a US satellite containing toxic compound is on collision course with the Earth and could hit us in early March.

Then I contributed to the doomsday scenario by reminding her that Suharto had just died due to a lingering illness. Suharto who led a bloody anti-Communist purge in his native Indonesia that resulted in the death of 500,000 to 1,000,000 people. Could it be? Could he really be the antichrist?

We then thought about the other cataclysms that have taken place in recent history, whether environmental, political, social, or otherwise. The forest fires of San Francisco — great balls of fire devouring many?

And the two twenty-something lawyers raised on a steady diet of Hollywood end-of-the-world B-movies and late-night Nostradamus documentaries, fell into glum silence.


“Shit ka din.”

I told Golda that she should resign posthaste from lawyering and being the poster-girl for anti JPEPA and fulfill her dream to be a waitress in Boracay. She told me that I need to finally learn how to say “I love you”, and move to a rural community infested with landlord violence.

Of course, the next day when we woke up, no one was mixing cocktails by the beach or dropping definitive “I love you”s, and we were still fighting over leftover pandesal at a small kitchen in an office along Kalayaan Avenue.

But really, what would you do if the end of the world was in sight? Not ten, not twenty years from now, not fifty years from now, but in March 2008? A few weeks from now?

It’s a more common question to ask, what would you do if you knew you were about to die? I’ve asked myself that many times and you could say, because I’m morbid, I’ve sorta kinda prepared for that. I have my funeral planned, wrote my last will and testament sometime back (my “estate” is a cardboard box in the far corner of my room, with a grad ring, an assortment of trinkets, a wind-up toy, letters, milestone memorabilia, and pieces of poetry scribbled on kleenex and restaurant receipts), and over the past couple of years, I’ve been slowly giving my books to important people in my life.

But all that (hopefully unnecessary) planning assumes that I die ahead of everyone else. What if we all die together, in one fell swoop, in one satellite collision? You, me, Angelina Jolie and Boutros Boutros Ghali. Two weeks from now.

What then?


  1. nagsulat din ako ng diary entry on this kasi feeling ko kng mag end of the world, ang papel na diary ko di siya masusunog tapos mababasa siya ng alien invader.labo.pero sinira ng NASA scientist ang lahat.sabi nya, normal occurence daw ang satellite losing control.damn! there goes our chance to die with angelina and boutros.hmm.pero ikaw, satellite or no satellite, kelangan mo tong gawin: “…that I need to finally learn how to say I love you.”

  2. Hi Jae! Actually, I just recently came across the same topic, the End of the World, but the “end” that my friend said was predicted by the Mayans, the Hopis (a native american tribe), the Hindus, the Egyptians, the Chinese, and even Nostradamus–of course, separated by hundreds or thousands of years and without the benefit of consultation or the internet to vet their prophecies–was uniformly pegged to occur on December 21, 2012. These groups have predicted that by this date, our planet will experience a re-birth or a Golden Age of sorts, the consequence nga lang is we all have to die. How crazy is that?! Iba-iba sila ng kalendaryo pero pag ni-compute mo, Dec. 21, 2012 lagi ang lumalabas, or thereabouts! Kaya ako medyo na-scare dito kasi nga hindi naman silan maaaring nagpulong-pulong o nag-kopyahan ng prophecy. Di bale, more than four years ahead pa ito, so, as Wolfgang Puck always says: LIVE, LOVE, and EAT!!! 🙂

  3. golda – hahaha. yeah, ill really take advice from the girl with the third-date glitch. pero kung hindi naman dangerous ung satellite na padating, ok lang din. kasi that would mean, di na ako aabot man lang sa birthday ko sa march.

    joan – shucks, ang lapit na ng 2012! four years nalang. 31 tayo mamamatay. sana nakatikim na ako by that time ng luto ni wolfgang puck.

  4. ay.. ayoko ng instantaneous, cataclysmic death… type ko yung tipong “28 days/weeks later” na magiging zombies yung majority ng population at may ilang maswerte (o malas?) na matitirang normal. pero ayoko naman yung kagaya nung british zombies na ambibilis tumakbo (anubayun!)… gusto kong zombies ay yung hindi na makakakita, makakaamoy at makakadinig at nagpipilit pa na maglakad nang naka-handstand! para mas madali silang iwasan 🙂

  5. sabi ni max na kailangan daw na i-remind ang mga babae “to wear their favorite underwear” mula ngayon hanggang marso…just in case. ;p
    sana tamaan ng satellite ang lintik na lugar na yan na nasa tabing ilog ng pasig.

  6. sinong sasabihan mo dapat ng ‘i love you’? si mr. manila polo club boy? gusto ko yun, dun ka nalang. nakakakatawa yun sobra. malay mo, ang ibig sabihin pala ng year of the horse, year of the person thrown-off a horse and breaking a nose.

  7. taroogs – EWAN! di ko alam pano sagutin comment mo. hehehehe.

    kulas – wala naman na makakakita ng mga panties namin kasi lahat tayo sabay sabay mamamatay. wag naman tamaan ng satellite ung malacanang, wawa naman ang mga rank and filee staff dun na naghahanapbuhay lang. 😦

    ella – bahala na si batman. pero ok din naman si polo boy. un ngalang, older man na naman. hehe.

  8. bakit, marunong ka naman mag i love u ah?

    siguro nga magugunaw na ang mundo, bwisit tong week ko e. hmp

  9. meron isa. si Robert Neville sabi ni max.
    ang malacanang ba ay nasa tabing ilog ng pasig? ;p

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