Posted by: Jae | February 9, 2008

Whistle for the Whistleblower*

Friends, whistle for the whistleblower.


(picture from

After a slew of compromised “heroes” — most recently a former Speaker fallen from grace denouncing Malacanang in a fire-and-brimstone speech where, for all the bombast, the word that comes to mind is “laglagan” — we now have in our midst a person of extraordinary courage and integrity. He’s not disgruntled about being eased out of power (JDV) or complaining about not getting enough of the spoils (Chavit), Jun Lozada simply is an ordinary Filipino who saw evil and called it what it is.

Of everything, however, that has been revealed during that hours-long testimony (and there have been many revelations), what hurt the most was when Lozada quoted an emissary of the powers-that-be as having taunted him, “Akala mo ba may pakialam ang bayan sa iyo?”

And in that one simple line, a stinging indictment. They know, then. They know that they have succeeded in maiming us. They have built an entire empire with our apathy and indifference as their cornerstones.

Today we call from wherever we are, at the top of our voices, from our rooftops, from the streets, from that part of our hearts that still believe that a better world is possible: Nagkakamali sila, Jun Lozada. May pakialam ang bayan sa iyo. We will not allow them to hurt you, we will not allow them to silence you, we will fight for the truth that blinds with its glorious light.

Mabuhay po kayo, Ser.

* mobilization call of the Freedom from Debt Coalition.



  1. idol!!!! mabuhay!!!!!!! go jun lozada!!!!!! go la salle!!!!! (hihi sa go la salle) oust gma!!!!

  2. He was awesome, Jae. And I really hope it wasn’t Baltik who forced him to sign a spurious affidavit. I just wonder how many Jun Lozadas it would have to take for us to all say, enough of the GMA Administration! Last Saturday, I was talking to some evening class batchmates and the topic of discussion is how seemingly secure GMA is in her position. Despite all the lies that have been bared by the media (to cite some examples — Garci; the cover up on the money that was distributed in Malacanang–first it was JDV, then the governors league, then KAMPI; the ZTE deal that saw Abalos as sole fall guy; Lozada’s abduction, and FG’s clear involvement in the approval of the ZTE deal) and the mounting evidence on the massive (and shameless) corruption involving government procurement projects), we lamented the fact that GMA and her cunning lieutenants are still so entrenched in power. We surmised that it is GMA’s packaged appearance, no matter how contrived–which, when compared to Erap’s–gives her an air of respectability that makes it harder for the people to want her to resign. I do not whether this view is supported by hard facts, but it does seem like that. Now that the administration is gearing up for Cha-cha, we are facing the very possible scenario of GMA staying on even beyond 2010. Hindi ko alam kung bakit konti pa lang ang nagagalit, at hindi ko alam bakit konti pa lang ang umaalma. Parang hindi pa tayo napupuno. Kelan pa? Hay.

  3. haha joan, it WAS baltik after all. yuck. denying pa his, erm, “reputation” in up law.

    well, i agree that gma had initially appeared more respectable than erap, but also do think now that the veneer is starting to crack. or has already completely cracked.

    uneasy is the head that wears the crown..

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