Posted by: Jae | February 17, 2008

“Anyone Else But You”

“Here is the church and here is the steeple… we sure are cute for two ugly people…”

Possibly one of the sweetest love songs ever.  From the movie “Juno”.


  1. I guess now it can be said that I check your blog several times in a day… I have managed to read all three of your blog entries that you wrote right before you deleted them a few hours later. Congratulations that you were able to file that thing or petition or whatever today. I am sure you put a lot of hard work into it. Don’t be afraid, Jae, that time is running out on you. Time is running out on all of us. Keep your chin up and don’t cry.

    And the person who made “your fears and heartaches seem unimportant and insignificant”, that’s an exception, remember that. You’ve always given so selflessly of yourself to other people, and there actually are people who can see that and appreciate you more. Maybe these could be the people you percieved as invisible before.

    Come back to us again soon, ok? The kids want to know when the next ward party is. The kids miss you and your stories. Especially Miko, hehehe. And me too. Double hehehe.

  2. Hi Doc Philip! I didn’t even know that you knew I had a blog, let alone read it several times a day.:p Thanks for the kind words, and for reminding me that the world is full of wonderful people.

    Sorry about not being able to come back more often. So swamped with work. I promise to make more time for you guys. Wala na akong pang-story telling though, sulat nalang ako ulit. I miss everyone terribly and it touches me to hear that the kids miss me too. Though I think, in Miko’s case, it’s my carbonara he misses more. Hehehe. 🙂

  3. Hi dear, I loooooved Juno!!! The script was magnificent, and I’m glad the writer (who’s name is Diablo Cody), won the Oscar for original screenplay. During these trying times, I find much-needed resipte in movies, and I’m glad you flagged Juno to me, so now I’m smiling again. 🙂

  4. oo nga, go diablo cody! hahanapin ko talaga yung thank you for smoking. havent seen it yet eh.

    na-affect ako sa part when juno was telling her dad, “i just need to know if it was possible for two people to stay together forever.”

    but i wish best friend bleeker were cuter. haha. or maybe that was the point.

  5. oh? he wrote thank you for smoking? hmmn. gotta see this one then. yeah enjoy yung thank you for smoking. sobrang funny. in a twisted way.

  6. i think wilma has a dvd copy of juno, just borrow it from him nalang. he’s always in hq na these days.

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