Posted by: Jae | February 22, 2008

She’s Going Down

The man in the throes of death, my war veteran grandfather once said, is in truth the most ruthless. Incapable of strategy or design, he fires off one blow after another indiscriminately and savagely. Hitting everyone and no one, buoyed by the kind of crazed determination reserved for the dying. And then slowly, he succumbs to the peace of death.

How else can you describe the machinations of the GMA administration in the middle of this crisis but the pathetic flailing of a battered regime down on its knees? They get wind of news that a whistleblower is bent on telling the truth, they send agents of the state to whisk him away as he steps out of the airplane and then believe they can get away with it by making him sign a false affidavit. In order to take some steam off the Senate hearings, the Office of the Ombudsman (quite incidentally, headed by a former classmate of the First Gentleman) suddenly and mysteriously roused itself from its lethargy to conduct a preliminary investigation on the ZTE deal. Then the Supreme Court ruled that anyone, anywhere can play the Garci tapes and need not fear sanction. Flooring everyone with his profound understanding of the rule of law, the Justice Secretary staunchly declared that regardless of the ruling of the Supreme Court, it is still illegal to play the tapes. And now we see that pathetic unity walk reminiscent of Erap’s infamous walk-cum-boksing weeks before he was kicked out of office.

They’re floundering, she’s floundering — and with good reason. The anger is building up, like the roar of crashing waves. I was in the big mobilization in Makati, in the mass at La Salle Greenhills, at the Ateneo for the noise barrage and the outrage is palpable. $130million kickback at a time of great poverty and hunger is not just obscene, it is graphically so.

But GMA’s problem, to my mind, is the fact that the only allies she has left are those who profit materially and DIRECTLY from her continued stay in power. Pity indeed, the ruler whose support is based on purchase and transaction. Hitler had people who shared what he believed in, however warped. George Bush has his hawks who maintain that a war in Iraq is not only necessary, it is also moral. Ferdinand Marcos — while he had his cronies who profited hugely from the 20-year dictatorship — had a loyal cabal who fiercely believed that Martial Law was the correct trajectory to development.

Gloria, in contrast, runs a government that pays in order to continue existing. It is leadership with strings attached. And like all men who sleep with whores know, transactional gratification carries no promises of forever.


  1. Buti pa ang lolo mo poetic… yung lolo kong gerilya dati, pag-inom lang ang tinuro sakin ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hehe. death marcher pa lolo ko. asteeg talaga.

  3. um, yes, the iraq war was moral. otherwise, iraq would still be under the saddam regime and the u.n. sanctions regime would have collapsed. that isnt my opinion, that is the iraqis’ opinions. i work with iraqis everyday. you, however, do not. the iraq situation has no correlation with GMA. accordingly, i dont think it is appropriate to compare bush, hitler, and marcos in the same breath.

  4. huwaw. natahimik ako dun.

  5. oo nga naman ‘day. kahit na may “bush” nga ang nguso ni hitler, hindi mo puedeng i-compare siya kay bush. (hehe)

  6. taray.

  7. haggard. wag na nga.

  8. haggard nga.

  9. hirap namang sagutin ang ayaw magpakilala (blanko yung link ng name niya e)… mamaya nyan si Raulo G na pala ang humihirit sa post mo, Jae… or worse, si senadora “mad cow”! wehehehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hay Jae, talagang i-miss ba ang point ng wonderful entry na ito?!


    Tama ka, Jae, pana-panahon lang yan, at umpisa na ng katapusan ni GMA. Muntik na nga akong malaglag sa upuan ko ng aminin ni GMA na alam nyang corrupt ang ZTE deal, kaya lang, kamalas-malas lang at night before signing na kaya tumuloy na lang sya ng Tsina kasi nakakahiya naman sa Tsina. Nakakaloka kasi up until umamin sya, ang constant refrain nya at ng kanyang alipores ay above-board ang ZTE. Atsaka, anuba, wala akong pakialam kung isang araw na lang at pirmahan na, kung nalaman nga nya na corrupt ang ZTE deal, dapat ni-call off nya ang signing at ni-lambast ang Tsina dahil sa garapal na bribery nito. Hindi yung pumunta pa sya doon at nag-smile-smile pa sa camera. Ni-cancel lang nya ang deal nung lumabas na si Joey. Bakit hindi sya nagsalita agad? At bakit nya pa siniraan si Joey at Lozada eh totoo naman pala ang revelations nila? Naloka ako. I bet si GMA ay nasa Panic Room nya, problema nga lang wala na talagang lusot ngayon.

  11. hey joan! salamat, salamat, salamat sa comment. ako din, floored sa admission ni gma. kakaloka di ba. even assuming that her family didnt benefit directly from the deal, the corruption was on her watch. and yes, she tried to muzzle those who dared speak the truth.

    dapat patalsikin na ni gma kung sino man ang spindoctors nila.

  12. GMA may have been negligent for signing that deal? is it enough to call for her ouster? may proof ba kayo na kasama siyang nag-engineer ng anomaly sa deal na yun? kung wala, pwede bang manahimik na lang kayo. kaya walang nag-iinvest sa pilipinas tinatakot nyo kasi.

  13. thanks for dropping by. i could go on and on and on answering your question, but i suppose i should just address your comment in the simplest way possible, sa hindi masyadong malalim na paraan. even assuming that there is no evidence to directly support the accusation that she engineered the anomaly, (1) she admitted to having knowingly signed a contract tainted with corruption (impeachable), (2) she used agents of the state to muzzle and silence at least one witness (also impeachable).

    at kahit ilan pang maginvest sa pilipinas, kung ganun naman ang kalakaran sa kickback, hemorrhage lang yan.

    san ka naglalaw? ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. kaya walng nag-iinvest sa Pilipinas kasi malalaki ang hinihinging kickbacks nyahahaha saan ba galing planeta tong si warlock. ang lufit ng pangalan sipsip naman sa administrasyon.

  15. sister jae, bakit mo nasabing “nagla-law” itong si warlock? halata ba sa arguments niya? obvious ba sa sentence construction? o may nag-buking na kung sino talaga siya? ๐Ÿ™‚ aminiiin!!!!

  16. nasabi lang sa akin ng pinanggalingang blog link. di naman kasi madami ang nagcocomment sa blog ko na di ko kilala, so i was curious and tried to find out. malay ko ba kung schoolmate ko siya at kakilala pala.

    i remember that the most important lesson i learned as a law student was from dan gatmaytan. in not so many words: that the reason why we learn the law is in order to question it. ๐Ÿ™‚ naisip ko lang bigla ulit ngayon.

  17. Uy si wordwardlock!

    The guy (or girl?) seems to be doing the rounds of our blogs. May comment din siya sa akin na syempre nega rin. Yung isa, anti-akbayan comment dun sa campaign video natin and questioning our allegedly pro-Tuition Fee increase stand sa UP; yung isa naman critical sa post ko hailing Jovy Salonga because of his resignation from Rho Sig – di baw da natin (yes, he used the term “you guys”) alam ang presumption of innocence. Di ko pa naaaprove… pinag-iisipan ko pa kung worth it… Palagay niyo? Pero sa totoo lang, nakaka-flatter ang atensyon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. tinatakot natin??? hmmm… napaisip tuloy ako. nung last hearing kse ukol sa RP-china agreements , may nag-question kay yap kung sa palagay niya ba ay trabaho niya to look into the contracts more closely to see whether they are in order or beneficial to the country. Ang sagot ni yap: as DA secretary, ang trabaho daw niya is to get as much foreign investments as possible… Syempre na-shock ako! Jusko, anong nangyari sa food sovereignty? National patrimony? Protection ng Filipino agricultural workers? Haaay…. Then people like wordwarlock come along and you realize ang dami palang pinoy na ang pagtingin ay foreign investment ang “sasagip” sa atin, just like GMA and cohorts. Tsk tsk tsk! Stress!

  19. hindi ako law school at wala akong pakialam sa law. undergrad lang ako. napatunayan na bang kinidnap nga si Lozada? bakit nakapagsalita pa siya sa senado? inamin naman ni GMA na negligent sya sa pagpirma–walang bad faith on her part, sapat ba yun para patalsikin niya? is it grave enough for us to destroy the institution of presidency?

  20. Jae, I have at least two foreign clients who lost in biddings marred by corruption. I have one foreign client who is dismayed that after having won the bid fair and square, the local government units where the project is located are now asking for kickbacks. All of them have said that this is precisely why investors think twice before investing in the Philippines. It is because of corruption, which figures in every government agency, including the smallest barangay. May mayor na hindi ibibigay ang mayor’s permit kung hindi i-hire ng kumpanya ang padrinong contractor. May bids and awards committee na pinayagan ang losing bidder (after submission of bids), to submit a supplemental bid to match the winning bid dahil nasuhulan (nabaliw talaga ako dito). Marami pang ganyan. Lahat sila dismayado. Lalo na ang mga foreign companies na bound by their Foreign Corrupt Practices Act o RICO (like US and UK). Hindi sila pwede magsuhol kaya wala silang competitive advantage vs. Asian competitors.

    So, to TheWordWarlock, isa lang masasabi ko, maling mali ang facts mo, pare ko. Also, hindi lang negligence ang kasalanan ni GMA. Impeachable offense yun, dahil ALAM NYA na corrupt ang ZTE deal, pinirmahan pa din nya.

  21. iona and joan – yes, yes and yes. and iona, dont get me started on the rp-china agri-business agreements! haha.

    wordwarlock – ayoko na sana magreact pero hindi ko kinaya ang statement na ito: “is it grave enough for us to destroy the institution of the presidency?” sino ba naunang manira sa institution ng presidency? the reason why we do what we do is precisely because we want to salvage our decaying democratic institutions corrupted by greed and patronage.

  22. to iona, bakit pinag-iisipan mo pa kung ipopost mo? ipakita mo ung comment ko then sagutin mo.

    to jae
    “because we want to salvage our decaying democratic institutions corrupted by greed and patronage”

    wow, you are carrying such a heavy burden on your shoulders. but no thanks, our country don’t need self-annointed saviors like you.what it needs to be saved from is the political turmoil and chaos in the streets each time activists like you gather for reunion.
    at sino naman ipapalit ninyo? si etta rosales? baka magulat kayo pag naging mas kurakot pa siya kay GMA. si joel rocamora? baka pag siya ang pumalit mas madaming aktibista ang mamatay. i remember him applauding to Norberto Gonzales for the death of activists in the country, then putting the blame on CPP-NPA in one LTTE in Inquirer.
    the fact is, kahit sinong pumalit may tendency na mangurakot. at least GMA has done something good for the economy. at kung sinasabi ninyong impeachable ang negligence niya, then wait for the one-year ban on impeachment to be lifted. gustong-gusto ninyo agad magrally.

    san ka ba naglalaw? at sinong nagsabi na fountain of knowledge yang si gatmaytan. talk about being able to question the law. how can you do that when you can’t even see through the STFAP in UP. freshmen students in UP should rally against akbayan.

    sana naman wag mong ifilter tong comment ko. tnx

  23. hahahahahahaha. tambling. especially re joel roc.

  24. oo nga tambling nga din ako habang nagtatype. at least ikaw di binubura comments ko. yung ibang akbayan, pag nabanggit ko na yung sa tuition increase sa UP ang sagot nila “malay ko dun, itanong mo sa mga taga-AKBAYAN-YOuth sa UP,” o kaya binubura na lang yung comment para di na mabasa.

  25. to Joan

    “Lahat sila dismayado. Lalo na ang mga foreign companies na bound by their Foreign Corrupt Practices Act o RICO (like US and UK). Hindi sila pwede magsuhol kaya wala silang competitive advantage vs. Asian competitors.

    So, to TheWordWarlock, isa lang masasabi ko, maling mali ang facts mo, pare ko. ”

    i think you should read the article written by AKBAYAN walden Bello, may katag-team sya dun na collegian EIC dati, title yata eh “Corruption: barking on the wrong Tree” dun kasi may international survey/or observation lang yata on businesses investing on asian countries. ang general point ng survey/observation ay walang masyadong pakialam ang investors kung corrupt ang isang bansa, ang mahalaga sa kanila, stable ang political atmosphere, at investor-friendly ang mga policies–madaming incentives,neoliberal ang direksyon ng gobyerno, etc. kahit nga ang amerika, napakakurakot ni Marcos noon pero paborito pa rin nila, pinondohan pa siya ng IMF-WB (iniwan lang nila si Marcos ng napansin nilang ang lakas na ng NPA noon). Kahit yung mga nagpapautang sa pilipinas, wala silang pakialam kung kurakot o gagamitin sa kurapsyon ang inutang basta umuutang ang bansa at tipong hinde magdedefault okey na un. business is business ika nga.

    ikaw yata ang mali ang facts.

  26. Jae, slightly lang nag-init ang ulo ko kay wordwarlock kasi maling-mali ang grammar nya (inter alia). Hindi ko lang talaga kinaya kasi sanay ako na sa blog mo, always intelligent AND intelligible ang discourse. Yun na.

    GO AKBAYAN!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. ako never nag-init ulo ko. actually feeling ko nga, kakilala ko (or natin sya) at nanggagago. parang yung ganung comment, hindi for real. wala kasing sense eh. walang challenge irefute kaya tatamarin ka nalang.

    dedma na. inom nalang tayo. may chika ako sa iyo. miss na pati kita. punta ka sa birthday painom ko ha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. to joan
    hahaha! tagalog na nga ang comment ko, napansin mo pa yung grammar! yun na lang ba ang kaya mong pansinin? di mo lng masagot yung observation mismo nina bello kasi kabaliktaran ng sinabi mo. eh yung sinabi nila mas may academic credibility, yung sinabi mo naman basta makabanat lang pwede na.

  29. wordwarlock,

    i’ve decided NOT to post your comment on my blog, just because of your arrogant way of telling me to do it. di ko kailangang ipost yun at lalong di ko kailangang sagutin ang opinyon mo just because you want me to. tsaka hello, tamad na nga ako magpost ng opinyon ko, opinyon mo pa ipo-post ko? there are better ways to spend one’s time. at sana lang talaga, one day amidst all the disagreements i hope we can find a way to still respect each other. bottomline is if we choose to express ourselves the way we do – including exercising our right to peacebly assemble, that’s our right. sana lang di dumating yung araw na ikaw, you feel so terribly wronged on a personal level by some oppressive government policy and alas, find yourself without resort to your civil liberties to express your grievance. sana lang talaga.

    jae, thanks for the space ha. hay, kung pwede lang sumali sa inom! hehe… kidding! uy, ultrasound ko dapat bukas, kung matuloy text kita…. baka gusto mong silipin. baka kasi sa may st.luke’s ko pagawa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. “basta makabanat lang pwede na” — wow, ang lupeeeet Jae, wala pang nakapagsabi sa kin nyan. I think hindi tayo kilala ng taong ito at all.

    Wordwarlock: first, I wrote my comment on your grammar before your Bello ‘synopsis’ was posted. Second, I don’t have to explain anything to you, because the observation I posted earlier was from my clients, the foreign investors themselves, several of them in fact. They all have the same complaint. I quoted them, they said it, I did not fabricate anything. If you say that investors want investor-friendly policies, the concept of bribery and kickbacks is obviously anathema to those policies.

    Anyway, hindi na talaga kita ma-take kaya eto na huling hirit ko sa mga pinagsasasabi mo. Gawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog.

  31. to joan:
    personal opinion lang pala yan ng clients. ilan ba sila? at ilan ang investors sa buong pilipinas? statistically, representative ba ung opinion nila ng general opinion ng mga investors? itanong mo kay bello at herbert docena baka alam nila ang sagot. at kung ayaw man nila magbribe, eh bakit nag-invest pa rin sila, naging clients mo pa nga. eh ilang investors kaya ang hindi na nag-invest talaga pagkatapos makita yung interfaith rally? sayang, baka mga potential clients mo pa yun. at kilala kita, ikaw si Joan hahahah!

  32. ikaw sandigan ng nangangailangan,
    ikaw ang pag-asa at kinabukasan,
    haplos mo ay lunas sa bawat pagal,
    salamat sa iyong dampi ng pagmamahal,

  33. to wordwarlock.

    grammarians yan mga akbayan. mgaling mag ingles at tagalog. sa umaga editor ng diyaryo mga yan, sa gabi call center. nahahasa ang kanilang pag edit ng mga post natin. matatalino talaga sila. sila ang kailangan ng ating bayan. pero di ko alam kun bakit sila di magkasundo ng anakbayan. sa UP magkaiba sila ng stand sa tuition fee increase. Astig!

  34. to wordwarlock:

    finilter message mo?? pano tayo maniniwala na gusto nila tayong ipagtanggol kun yung basic right of freedom of expression hindi nila kaya panindigan sa blog? tsk. di man tayo magaling sa grammar, may logic naman tayo.

  35. bakal at wordwarlock – bakit pareho ang ip address niyo: iisa lang ang computer niyo? o baka iisang tao lang kayo? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sad naman.

  36. di naman si jae ang nagfifilter, mabait to eh, ganda pa naks. at sexy hahaha. si ionaks mahilig magfilter. ano kaya masasabi ni ionaks na yung standard bearer nila sa UP USC elections na member ng UPSILON at member din ng Student Watch Against Hazing (SAWA) ay nanahimik pala tungkol sa hazing ng sarili niyang frat. tsk tsk tsk bad faith. tapos para maiwasan ang issue tungkol sa mga hazing pictures nila na kumakalat ngayon sa net, nag-LOA sa frat niya. as if may LOA sa frat. ano yun, babalik din pagkatapos ng elections? parang trapo ah, ganon daw style ni GMA eh sabi ni taroogs.

  37. to jae, hindi ah, isang malaking computer kasi gamit namin, super computer. kayang magsabay-sabay ng users. fan mo na kami, di ka kasi nagse-censor. at maganda pa hehe. gusto ko yung picture mo na may..pakpak sa likod.

  38. isang malaking super computer ang gamit namin. wag ka na ma sad, ganda ka naman at seksi. napanood mo ba yung fight club. baka may split personality ako. hehe. isang pro-gma at anti-gma at d same time. orrrrr, aktibista/tuta ng administrasyon at the same time…watcha think?

  39. look at that…sabay yung time ng comment namin!!! wow!!! dat must me a miracle!!! super computer nga!!! from jae’s fans club. (di kasi nagfifilter)

  40. ionaks! sumagot ka!
    jae, labyu!! kahit galit ako sa mga tibak, labyu pa rin!!

  41. Delayed reaction pero ngayon ko lang kasi nakita ang mga nakawiwindang na comments na to. Una, kaibigan ko ang isa sa mga anak ni GMA (please lang, di si Mikey ha), pero tulad ng maraming taong di mapili ang kanilang mga magulang, me topak ang mga magulang ng kaibigan ko. Pangalawa, I think the institution of the presidency should take a backseat to the rule of law. Abogado rin ako, at sa palagay ko maia-apply dito ang most basic rule ng statutory construction na where the law is clear, there is no room for interpretation. Kasi kung di natin ia-apply ang batas o kung pipiliin natin kung kanino lang ia-apply ito, tulad halimbawa ng pag-talikod natin sa batas para proteksyunan ang institution ng presidency, maba-bale wala na ang mga batas batas na yan. The law is clear. Sinuway ni GMA ang batas. Gumawa sya ng bagay na dapat nyang panagutan.

    Wordwarlock, mas maraming mas importanteng bagay kaysa sa foreign investors. Siguro more than the institution of the presidency, dapat proteksyunan natin ang dignity of our country. Kawawa ka naman, ‘tol. Ang superficial ng trip mo. Kumbaga, gusto mo ng mayamang asawa pero unfaithful. Dun na ko sa simple lang pero sa magpapasaya sa akin at di ako paiiyakin.

    Pangatlo, iskolar din ako ng bayan, pero may kaya ang pamilya ko, katulad ng marami kong kaibigang nag-aral sa UP. My mom would not have minded paying more than the 6,000 per sem that she shelled out because the things that I learned in UP are priceless. Ok nang yung mga nangangailangan na lang ang nakakatipid sa tuition, dahil tulad ng pagkain, kung kaya mo naman, di dapat tinitipid ang edukasyon. Sana di mo rin tipirin ang pagpasok ng edukasyon sa utak mo, wordwarlock.

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