Posted by: Jae | February 26, 2008

For More Grossness

Say it isn’t true, Rufa Mae! Waaaaaah, did you REALLY go to Hong Kong with Mike Arroyo? The news reports say you did. Napatambling talaga ako. They were seated daw beside each other in first class. Rufa Mae says it was entirely by coincidence, pero weird naman. Shouldn’t FG have some sort of a close-in bodyguard/boy Friday? And do people really get to sit beside the husband of the President by sheer luck of the draw? People who happen to be sexy leggy artistas?


My objection isn’t even entirely political. Basta, nakakadiri lang talaga. How do you have sex with a tub of lard ba? Like someone once said (specifically… me. just now. haha.), some girls like bad boys, others like bad cholesterol.

Sheht hindi ko na maalis sa utak ko. Parang screensaver sa utak — a heaving, humping FG. Kailangan galawin na ang mouse. Fast.



  1. she was doing it naman daw for her country! you know, atake…corazon…tub-of-lard-ba…(hehe).

  2. paano kung alukin ka ng $133M for one night?

  3. i guess it’s safe to say that fg’s heart is A-OK, pumping all the way

  4. huhuhu… i’m also a tub of lard 😦 (you owe me a beer, jae. make that 6 bottles. tsaka crispy pata. tsaka inihaw na liempo. tsaka…)

  5. yuckkk. ewwww

  6. oh my, si FG pala yung kasama niya?! nakita ko kasi yung interview kay ruffa mae and siyempre deny siya na magkasama sila nung “important person” na yon.

    never nabanggit pangalan ni FG sa interview so akala ko some congressman or senator lang (bong revilla isdatchu?). pero grabe ha, kadiri nga.

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