Posted by: Jae | March 31, 2008

There’s No Business Like….

One fine day, we received a letter from MOWELFUND saying that they wanted to give a posthumous award to my lolo. Apparently (and unbeknowst to me), my lolo was one of the founding directors of MOWELFUND along with Erap, when Erap was still an actor. So off we went this Saturday afternoon.

While my Lola was busy doing this….


…my mom and I weren’t too excited at the idea of going up the stage with Erap and Mr. Metro Gwapo so instead, we had fun taking pictures of ourselves at the marquees of the artistas at the MOWELFUND compound.

my mom and her role model, Celia Rodriguez
not one but two…
tito, vic and joey and aiza
walang tulugan… adik kasi.
my Dad was busy listening to Pilita Corales sing but we pulled him away and forced him to cooperate for this ICONIC shot…
And now for the pics with the real artistas…..
three generations of Boots Anson-Roa fans
napilitan lang talaga ako…..
pero eto, ako talaga ang nagpumilit
(note the manic glint in her eye and the wary twitch in his…)
Happy Monday, everyone. Hehe. Life is good. 🙂


  1. hapi naman.. except for one pic, obvious naman which one. ugh! i hope nag-alcohol ka after. 😛

  2. oo nga. *gag* edsa 2 baby toh! (and all edsas thereafter until we get it right.) nagtatable hopping kasi siya for pictures, nakakahiya naman hindi mag-pose. and in deference to my deceased lolo na din, who knew him when he was still only an actor, and patay na siya nung jueteng-gate, BW scandal, clarissa ocampo and all that.

    my mom, she co-wrote the edsa 2 book.

    haha. nagpaliwanag talaga. umiilag lang sa cannonballs…. 🙂

  3. im sorry, pero bakit ka pumayag sa erap pic? haha idefend mo na lang na nangongolekta ka tlga ng pictures ng artista.

  4. hehehe oo kitsch value lang talaga. and yes, ARTISTA. not former presidents. not plunderers.

    may picture na kami ni noel cabangon, boots anson roa, boyet de leon. dagdag lang sya. hehe.

    nonetheless… sorry na.

  5. Ang saya saya, Jae. 🙂

  6. idol pala ng dad mo si erap at parehong naka-checkered shirts sila. (hehe). mabuti at ok na ang dad mo.

  7. mori – hehe. ayan. hindi na ikaw ang nag-iisang showbiz friend ko. 🙂 miss ya. kita tayo soon. mwah!

    thanks — for this comment and for your other comment. 🙂

  8. jae, uncanny talaga ang “look-alikeness” ninyo ng mama mo! minsan napapa-take-a-second-look ako. hehehe

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