Posted by: Jae | April 14, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I was in a sour-somber mood last week, owing to some personal dilemmas, stress at work over beating deadlines, and the near death of Paloma, my pink laptop (named such kasi lagi ko siya pinapalo, hinahampas, binabalibag).

The personal dilemma, I’ve decided to resolve via the bahala na si Batman school of thought. The work stress, well, the only way to deal with it is to accept that work will always be there, it’s just a matter of balancing it. I do think that much of my stress before owes to two things (1) procrastination — I seem to get a high from flirting with deadliest deadlines, (2) the inability to say NO. I’m trying to slowly fix both.

And most importantly, PALOMA IS BACK IN BUSINESS! After two days of gnashing my teeth because I couldn’t get anything done, and howling miserably (howl talaga..hehe..) in the office while Karl tried his best to detect the virus and wasn’t able to work as well, the virus has been finally defeated. Thanks to techie-udon Enteng, my files were snatched away from the talons of evil and are back in a safe, warm place. I was so happy I texted around twenty people in my phone book. (Enteng said the virus came from a USB stick. Sabi ko na nga ba, the last time I had a meeting at the DAR, they got a file from my laptop using their flash drive. Simula nun, nagkaletche letche na si Paloma. Haay, marami talagang kasalanan ang DAR sa sambayanan… )

With all that aside and tucked in, it looks like a bright week ahead for me. I’m filing a pleading today, after successfully retrieving it intact from my laptop. I’m watching Across the Universe on Tuesday (last time, I really wanted to watch it but we ended up watching American Idol in Jonas’ house instead while eating my carbonara), I’m having a reunion with college buddies this Friday and a few weeks down the road, I’m FINALLY going to Sagada!!! Oh, and I bought three summer dresses on sale yesterday in Greenhills. Life is good, indeed. Like I was texting my friend around 2am last night, it’s easy like Sunday morning.

I wanna be high…. so high…. 🙂

Happy, chirpy Monday to y’all!



  1. weeeh congrats on your laptop.ohdavah, sama ka na sa club of people who cringe when other people stick their usbs into your laptop.and oh, mag-update ka kasi, magdefrag paminsan-minsan.hehe.

  2. jae!!! i just decided last weekend din to adopt the “bahala na si batman” attitude over that dilemma we talked about hehehe

    gudlaks sa atin!!

  3. “And I’m gonna be high as a kite by then”

  4. golds – sana hindi na mamatay si paloma ulit. oo susundin ko na lahat ng advice nyo.

    claudette – goodluck sa dilemma mo. minsan kwentuhan din kita. hehe.

    danny – hehe.

  5. ito ba yung exact opposite nung tinatawag na “chinese water torture”? 🙂

  6. kakainggit ng picture!!!

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