Posted by: Jae | May 3, 2008


Three Cheers (or in aktibista speak: tatlong bagsak) for Piandre, my favorite hair salon. Now I have another reason for liking them, apart from giving me one of my favorite hairstyles ever.

Today was a full day for me. Had a meeting in the morning, bought myself a pair of jeans towards lunch time, watched Ploning with my sister after lunch, and then went to Piandre for an appointment with my stylist Jerome. The Akbayan Gay and Lesbian Collective has threatened me with sanctions if I don’t fix my buhaghag haircut before leaving for China on Thursday, and I scare easily, so I decided not to put it off anymore.

Happy with my reinvigorated bob, I went home, checked emails and then took a nap. When I woke up, I looked for my phone but I couldn’t find it. I usually keep it under my pillow for easy retrieval, but it wasn’t there. It wasn’t in my bag, either. I asked my dad to ring my phone so I could search for it around the house. It was ringing from his end, but I couldn’t hear my familiar merry ringtone.

This would be the nth time I would lose a cell phone but the first time I lost it since being post-paid a year and a half ago. Hay naku, hassle. I stopped and thought where I was when the I sent or read my last text message. The last text exchange I had was with Danny. I said that I cried while watching Ploning and I was thinking of coloring my hair. His reply was “pakulayan mo, kung hindi bagay, paitiman mo ulit.” (Kamusta naman ang hair follicles ko sa ganyang mungkahi?! Haaaaay, wala talagang alam ang mga boys. 🙂 Pero first things first. Cellphone muna.)

My fear was that I had left it in the taxi I rode from Timog to New Manila. He was a nice enough old fellow, pero malay natin, baka pasahero ang nakakita at hindi binigay sa kanya. Stress, stress, stress, and more stress. I called Piandre with fingers crossed. It was actually Zosimo, who I happened to be chatting with over YM, who prodded me to do it.

And what do you know? It was there! My trusty pink Motorola Razr. I can go back for it anytime. I asked my dad to drive me there after dinner but it was closed na. Ok lang, feeling disconnected and disempowered (technology is power, hehehe… NOT!) muna ako tonight, but tomorrow is a brand-new day. 🙂

This isn’t really much of a story but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I’d like to say thank you to Piandre for my fab Beijing-bound bob, and for babysitting my pink cellphone for the night.



  1. Mabuti naman at naibalik phone mo. Para sa iyo talaga iyong bagay na iyon. Naniniwala kasi ako na may mga bagay talaga na para sa atin talaga – iyong parang hindi mo ma-imagine ang buhay mo na wala iyon o iba ang may-ari roon.

    Natuloy ka rin pala sa China. Ang galing! Ingat, at enjoy! 😉

  2. Sana nag-post ka ng picture ng bago mong hair di ba. Uy paguwi ko sa may samahan mo ko dun sa piandre. Deprived ako dito sa good hair-keeping. 😦

  3. parang kelangan ko na rin magpagupit.magkano ba dun>

  4. Bonn – ang talinhaga naman. i-inom nalang natin yan, bok.

    Jordan – Oo naman! Magaling talaga sila. And yes, alam ko first hand ang kawalan ng good hairstylists sa Ho Chi Minh City. 🙂

    Golda – Si Jerome, yung stylist ko, P360.00. Junior stylist pa lang kasi siya. If you opt for the senior stylists, mas mahal.

  5. Enjoy China, jetsetter Jae! 🙂

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