Posted by: Jae | June 8, 2008

Hacienda Living At Its Finest

“It is a definite mix of high living and downhome charm. On one side, there are simple bamboo huts lining the riverside and carabaos lazily plodding  and through sleepy roads, but on the other, there is a genteel pink Commonwealth period mansion xxx, a perfect marriage of heritage and natural charm. ____ is a place that is decadent in its simplicity, a place where adherence to past traditions gives me firm footing in the present. A place where I can be proud to be Filipino.”

I like reading copies for subdivision developments. Lalo na those that go by fancy-schmancy names like Hampton Estates, Cottonwood Heights, Southern Peak. Nakakaloka di ba? Nasa Canlubang, Laguna, may ‘ivory pillars reminiscent of old Greece”; sa Guagua, Pampanga, pwede ka pala mag”walk hand in hand through verdant hills and then have candlelit dinners at Italian gazebos”, at sa San Jose, Batangas, e may “board walk with the hip beat of artsy San Francisco”. Medyo masaya din naman mag-imagine. Lalo na kung nakatira ka sa Quezon City at sumasakay ng Project 2-3 jeep, umiinom sa Teachers’ Village, at nakikipagdate sa Trinoma.

Pero nung nabasa ko talaga yung description ng subdivision na ginagawa sa Quezon na tinype ko sa taas, napataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambling talaga ako. Lumabas ito sa Inquirer ngayong araw lang. Di ko na sasabihin kung sino ang developer.

“Nipa huts on one side, Commonwealth mansion on the other???” 

Ituloy na kaya natin —

And as I sip my buco juice — precious nectar from the tree of life, fruits of the labor of my tenants — I idly watch a row of peasants, backs bent and brows furrowed, tilling the land of my ancestors. I decide to go down my pink mansion and go around my estate. Children swarm around me, the children of my tenants. Soon, they will be my tenants too. Satisfied, I retire back to the comfort of my enclave, lie down in a hammock, and doze off to the quaint and charming sounds of rural living. As I wake up to the golden hues of the setting sun, I realize that though the world may spin and churn and change, my piece of it will remain the same….

…Or else.

Mamatay na ang dapat mamatay. Mga hampaslupa, agawlupa, AMOYLUPA. Down with Agrarian Reform! No to CARP extension!

Haha. So, who wants to hire me to write for your real estate company?




  1. Consuela! saan mo pinarking an akin na caballo? 🙂

  2. tapos dapat may magkakainlove-an. anak ni consuela at anak ni don tiburcio.

  3. Parang tema ito ng Pangako sa Yo ni Jericho and Kristine haha.

    Ibang klase din sa spin, ano.

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