Posted by: Jae | June 27, 2008

Happy Box

Maybe it’s my inner wanderlust. Or maybe it has to do with that time in my life when so many body parts hurt all at the same time and I did not think I had a chance anymore to experience new things. But there’s something about going away that makes me… happy.

In my room I have a piggy bank that I call the Happy Box. Right now, my Happy Box is gathering coins by the day to save up for a trip to Panglao, Bohol in August. I don’t want to dip into my bank account savings, so the Happy Box is for taxi-rides foregone, expensive meals turned down, impulse purchases successfully walked away from.  The piggy-bank method of saving is one I’ve had since I was a kid.  Because I’m as giddy as a kid about that trip, I’ve been dropping coins and small change in the Happy Box as agressively as I did when I was a kid and wanted something badly.

I’m not a big fan of luxury items or jewelry (I don’t own a watch and I buy clothes from the ukay ukay) and I’m not like those people who upgrade their phones every six months, seeing as how my phone is a hand-me-down from my sister and the space key is busted. But I really have no problem saving for months to take a trip somewhere far, or saying yes to invitations to hie off to various parts of the Philippines that I’ve never been to before (and of course these invitations are usually text messages that go “davao, 2nd weekend of september. magbobook na kami. may promo, sama ka?” — thanks in no small measure to Cebu Pacific’s piso flights 🙂 ).

This morning,  while I was reaching for some law school books and notes for Monica and her bar review, I accidentally knocked over my Happy Box. It fell to the floor and broke into pieces. I was about to go down on my knees and began the arduous task of gathering the coins and the paper bills, when I saw that in the space in the shelf where the Happy Box was, there was a small envelope tucked in one of the dark crevices gathering cobwebs.  I don’t remember seeing it before or putting it there. Inside the envelope was $100 with a post-it. It had the date March 30, 2006 and the word Congratulations.

That was date I passed the bar. I don’t know how it got there or where it came from, and will  ask my Mom later if one of my Titas gave it to me and she absentmindedly put it on my shelf and forgot to tell me, but for the meantime, let me tell you that me and my Happy Box are mighty happy. 🙂

p.s. yippeee. my lawschool friends and i just bought tickets to camiguin. i’m so excited about that too. 🙂 wow philippines na!!!  


  1. pautang, hehe. 🙂

    ikaw nalang ata ang 28-year-old na may piggy bank. na everyday hinuhulugan.

  2. true hehe. na pink at disney princesses. 🙂

  3. may piggy bank din ako for naka-label siya kung san ang sunod ko na byahe.i never refer to it as going away..always going somewhere.ang ganda ng entry na ‘to.

  4. oo nga, dapat hindi going away. kasi babalik naman ako. pero minsan, nasa going away talaga ang mood ko eh. hehe.

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