Posted by: Jae | July 18, 2008

Iona and Malaya

The first time I met her was five years ago. I was visiting my then-boyfriend in his apartment in Malate, and I was surprised — nay, shocked — when I saw her walk out of his room. Her hair was messy and her clothes just a little bit in disarray. Moment na for a sampalan scene straight out of a teleserye episode (NOT!! hindi ako masyadong fan ng explosive confrontations, and besides he wasn’t in the room naman), except that mugto mugto yung mata niya. And her face was still tear-streaked.

In less than three minutes after being introduced to one another, Iona Jalijali narrated her complicated, devastating breakup and the key points of the story of her life. And therein begins a very steady, uncomplicated friendship that found us eventually working side by side in Akbayan.

And now, Iona is a beautiful mom to sweet little Malaya. I couldn’t be happier.

Congratulations, Ionaks! I am certain you’ll be a great Nanay to Malaya. Wishing the poster girl for breastfeeding nothing but love-filled wishes and gentle dreams. 🙂

No, no, no to formulas. (In life and in baby food. hehe)



  1. awwww shucks…. 🙂 thanks dear. (i shudder to think about that sampalang bayan scene…. haha!) time flies, noh? 😉

  2. sampalang bayan in seedy malate. haha.

    o nga time flies. that feels like a whole century ago. for you and me both. love you much! and malaya too, of course! my soon-to-be inaanak. 🙂

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