Posted by: Jae | August 10, 2008

Bohol is Happiness

So many things could have gone wrong.

 I was checking the 5-day forecast for Bohol as early as Monday last week, and Yahoo weather grimly announced that thunderstorms should be expected. There were almost daily reports of Cebu Pacific flights getting delayed or cancelled. Mang Jun, the tour guide whose number I procured after hours on end researching and reading online forums, could suddenly disappear on me and leave us stranded at the airport.

In the end, though, everything went perfect. Our flight was on schedule, the weather was perfect, Mang Jun showed up and regaled us with stories and trivia on his hometown, we were able to visit the Chocolate hills, our resort was fantastic, and Anik’s wedding absolutely beautiful.

By the view deck of the Chocolate Hills. I have another picture of me on a broomstick, appearing as though I’m flying but I only have a hard copy. Business nila yun dun. They lend you a broom stick, have you put it between your legs and ask you to jump while taking your pic. Their camera is super high tech so kahit mababa talon mo, it really appears as though you’re gliding on air.

By the hanging bridge near the Loboc River.

At Panglao, in front of our resort.

with Judith, Mitch, Me-anne, right before Anik’s wedding at Tagbilaran. These girls have been my friends for more than a decade.

This time with Anik and her husband Raul….

And my happy-shot. This one was taken at the Bohol Bee Farm.

Happiness. 🙂



  1. jae, what’s with the three blue throw pillows “posing” beside you in the last foto? 🙂 promo ba ng resort yan — “For a limited time only: get your picture taken with out three famous blue, plastic throw pillows!”

  2. only you, arnold, would look a picture with a really beautiful background (and a really beautiful girl, hehe) and zero in on the blue pillows… 😦

  3. pero Jae… they’re blue! and there’s three of them! all in a row!!! 🙂

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