Posted by: Jae | August 13, 2008

Lost: PLANNER, Lost and harassed: JAE

I feel so lost. For the past three days, my planner has gone missing. I have tried looking everywhere — under my bed, in my closet, on the floor, name it and I’ve checked. Huhuhu, It’s true what they say that you only realize the value of something when it’s gone. For the past three days, I have been fretting endlessly about meetings and appointments that I had set before that I could be forgetting.

I always try to keep my planner within arm’s reach kasi at any given time, may text message na papasok setting up a meeting, or an appointment would lead to another meeting, and that meeting, a speaking engagement blah blah blah. Because I work for two institutions (one institution requires me to do BOTH legislative work and legal work..{load na pang fulltime work at part-time rates..haaay, this can only be LOVE hehehe} and the other institution is in the middle of a big campaign) no one knows my complete schedule except for me. Mayroon pa akong mga volunteer work on the side na sinisiksik ko sa gabi.

This is a shout-out to all of you: on the chance that I rode in your car, had a meeting at your workplace, went to your house, etc. Baka may naiwan akong planner na maliit na colorful ang cover. My name is on the inside flap.  Tingin tingin kayo sa paligid niyo kasi malapit na ako mawalan ng bait.

Oh and in case I had promised you a meeting or anything like that for this week or next, please text me or email me to remind me.

p.s. yesterday was one of those days in my life i had been dreading. some things take a lifetime to undo.


  1. Oh no! That really sucks 😦
    Hope it turns up. Ask St. Anthony and your guardian angels for help!

  2. yup, that was my mom’s advice too. i hope Saint Anthony helps me find my planner within the day.

    i just know i set a meeting tomorrow, but i completely forgot what. patay. 😦

  3. grabe. baka hindi meeting yun at date mo pala sa isang superhero. super dedbol ka ngayon…hehe.

  4. sorry jae, tried retracing and can’t seem to find any small colorful planner anywhere.

    seems like something’s bothering you – nightmares, absent-mindedness… hmmmm. take a break.

  5. kulas – wala akong date ngayon eh, superhero man o hindi. hehe.

    chrisgel – shabu lang ito. hehe.

  6. pustahan PINK din yung planner mo 🙂

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