Posted by: Jae | August 19, 2008

I Want To Believe… Even Though I’d Much Rather Fall Asleep

My friend Ipe thought X-Files The Movie was the bomb. He had waited for it for several months and when it finally came, it met all his expectations. I, on the other hand, watched out of nothing more than healthy curiosity, and went out of the theater rather disappointed.

The whole thing just felt… irrelevant.

You would think that after a decade or so of being out of air, they would attempt to make their comeback a bit splashier. Sure, it’s a cult classic with a large following, but fans get on with their lives, you know. They grow up, get jobs, raise families. If you want them to come back in droves, you have to do a bit more than to pander to nostalgia.

And really… stem cell research? Frankenstein doctors? How very 1990’s. (Remember Dolly the Sheep?) Plus, Scully gets a midlife crisis because some pedophile priest told her “Don’t give up” Couldn’t the epiphany moment have been triggered by a more original line?

The only clue we’re in 2008 is the crow lines around Scully’s eyes.  Buti nalang David Duchovny looked real hot. Scruffy beard and all.

p.s. Jordan asked me today in chat why I haven’t written about Mindanao yet. Aside from the fact that I don’t really see anyone waiting with bated breath for MY opinion, I don’t really know what to write, and what to say that hasn’t been said — and said better.  Moreover, I spent the long weekend training paralegals in Quezon and facilitating ed sessions in Calatagan. My brain is tired and I’m fine just thinking of MUlder tonight. Hehe.



  1. lahat ng tinanong ko, sabi pangit daw ung hndi na ako manonood.hntayin ko na lang sa HBO.ung tipong panoorin mo habang naghihintay ng sundo para sa gmik.

  2. kagaya ng “rogue”, pinanood namin sa bus pauwi ng lucena. wala na din ako reklamo haha. pero kung pinanood ko yung sa sine, walkout siguro ang inabot sa akin.

  3. sa M-files naman tayo ngayon as in Mindanao. ang proposed memorandum of agreement ba on ancestral domain ay ang unano adaptation ng agrarian land reform? na ang land lord ay ang bansang Pilipinas at ang tenant ay ang bansang moro? pabor yata ang pandak sa CARP extension kung ganun. anong say mo ‘day? (indi ka ma akig kay joke lang ini…hehe).

  4. I shouldn’t go watch it then, for I kept only wonderful memories of it. And it might ruin those for me.

    How have you been, Jae?

  5. Mag blog ka na ulit, Sept na! No pressure…

  6. jordan, kung ikaw no pressure ang sinasabi, ako sasabihin ko tlga: jae, pressure pressure.magblog ka na ulit kasi namimiss ko na mga kwento mo!

  7. hindi ako nanood ng ex-files dahil dito sa blog mo…hehe.. i saw rogue instead parang b-movie about crocodiles..i figured mas pangit cguro yung exfiles..hehe

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