Posted by: Jae | October 1, 2008

Mamang Driver Manghuhula

Last night’s experience is worth breaking my blog hiaitus for.

Like all of my friends know, I’ve had more than my fair share of taxi experiences, including one who offered me money to buy myself spam because I looked sad, and a manyak one whom I stabbed (okay, more like a daplis in his hand that wouldn’t require more than a checkered band-aid.)  But this one is in a class all its own.

After a round of beer with Enteng and Bobby at Pork Barrel, I decided to call it a night a little past 11pm and hopped into a taxi. The driver was chatty from the get-go and never one to turn down an opportunity to have a pleasant conversation with a kindly stranger, I responded to his friendly overtures.

Then he suddenly turned to me and said, “Hindi pantay ang balikat mo at parang may sakit ka sa kidneys.”

I sat up with a start. I don’t know about the pantay-balikat part, my shoulders seem perfectly fine in the mirror, but I have been having problems with my kidneys. 

And then he said, “Wala ka pang anak ano? Mababa ang matris mo. Mahihirapan ka magkaanak.”

I felt my eyes welling up with tears. I have always loved kids and there is nothing I want more than to be a mom. And it shook me so much because it confirmed what a doctor had gently warned me about before. I remembered that afternoon when the doctor told me that. It was just a warning, but I felt someone had taken a cutter  and shred my heart into ribbons of red.

Not noticing my consternation, the driver went on and on.

“Yayaman ka. Aasenso ka sa buhay. Wag ka lang masyadong magastos. Matuto ka din mag-save.”

I looked out of the window, barely listening. I hear that from my mother a million times.

“Magkakachance ka mag-abroad, pero bakit parang ayaw mong kunin? Parang ayaw mo umalis.”

I nodded my head. He was correct, but I didn’t want to get into a long discussion about why I do the work that I do. I wanted to hear what else he had to say.

“Wala ka pang asawa. May nobyo ka na ba?” To which, I nodded.

He then asked me the name of my “nobyo” and asked for my name. Now, I know this is something I would ordinarily not do, but my curiosity got the better of me. I gave both our names. He then asked me to hold out my palm and he felt my wrists.

“Nakakarinig ako ng four bells. Compatible kayo.”


“Four bells. Nadidinig ko lang sa isip ko. Pag one or two, di masyado compatible. Pero pag three or four, ayun, compatible. Nasa inyo yan kung magkakakatuluyan kayo, pero pareho kayo mag-isip at pareho kayo ng ugali.” Hmm. Many people would probably say that my nobyo and I couldn’t be more different from each other. 

The taxi was now turning the bend towards my house. I didn’t realize we were almost there until the driver prompted me by asking whether he should turn left or right after Tomas Morato. When we were close to my house, he swiveled his body back to face me and said:

“Pero ang paalala ko sa iyo na sana wag mong ikagagalit… mag-isip ka ng sampung beses bago ka mag-asawa.”

Heard ya loud and clear, Manong.



  1. Gusto makilala si manong driver. Di mo man lang ba kinuha ang license plate or cellphone number?

  2. nakakatuwang experience naman (although at some parts, mukhang nawrench ang heart mo). sana one day, i chance riding his taxi.

  3. Thanks for blogging! I was reading this entry at the office and I almost burst out laughing. Yikes.

    Having someone tell you what would and wouldn’t happen? If only life were that easy!

  4. rosey! dapat kinuha mo plate#!!!!!! hehehe wasap byotch! 🙂

  5. Jae, did you bother to check the taxi meter o hinulaan din ninyo? hehehe joke

  6. teka… klaruhin ko lang, jae. si mamang taxi driver ba ay may suot na turban? 🙂 baka si michael v in disguise yun ha?!

  7. this experience somehow reminds me of “joan of arcadia”, a tv series where a girl is regularly visited by God in various human forms. baka kaya yung taxi driver na at manghuhula pa na manong ay si God mo din? (hehe)

  8. OMG. naiiyak ako sa kafreakihan…there was one manghuhula she said 4 yung ex mo (totoo); yung pangalawa nakikiapagbalikan (totoo); may mangungutang sa nanay mo, hindi magbabayad (totoo.)

  9. He got at the “pantay na balikat part.” hahaha sana masakyan ko rin yang taksi na yan!

  10. sa lahat ng gustong masakyan ung taksing yun, tambay kayo sa labas ng pork barrel ng bandang hatinggabi. parang may “mark” ung name ng taxi.

    emman, 100 binayad ko. hehe. di na ako naghintay ng sukli. bayad for the hula.

    charms, may ex kang nangutang sa nanay mo?!

  11. base sa pics mo, pantay naman balikat mo. you just seem to lean your head towards your left shoulders. good side mo ba ang kanan? hehehe…
    God bless.

  12. Gaya ng comment ni Arnold, baka nga si Michael V yun, ‘yari ka’! Have mpre meaningful taxi rides! 😉

  13. Oh my sister — please give me the contact number of that manong driver! in 2005 I believe I met him and I was about to leave for a mission at that time and he told me about my bf and about my sister. He was the same driver that I have met! Sana naman po nakuha nyo. Nagkatotoo po lahat ng sinabi nya sa akin as in lahat and tungkol sa kapatid ko at sa mangyayari sa amin ng bf ko so PLEASE contact me sis my name is Jenny and I would like to get his contact number or taxi number I need to speak with this person as soon as possible. pls email me:

  14. btw, sorry bigla na langa ko nagpost dito ha, pero i actually googled “taxi driver na manghuhula” kasi nga i cannot forget that experience I had with that driver, you are correct he was very chatty and gave unsolicited advice with me at that time, it was kinda scary kasi i did not believe sa hula noon, pero wow few years after that naniwala na ako ang daming accurate hula nya ang nangyari — i can say lahat. san po ba yung pork barrell? taga paranaque kasi ako, gusto ko talaga uli makausap si manong driver…

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