Posted by: Jae | October 26, 2008


In an interview with NBC television presenter Brian Williams, Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin refused to label abortion clinic bombers as terrorists — “I don’t know if you’re gonna use the word ‘terrorist’ there.”

This is the same woman who has accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists” because of his so-called engagement with Bill Ayers, a leader of a 1960’s anti-war leftist group called the Weathermen.

Watch the video here.

That kind of inconsistency demonstrates not only a double standard, but also hypocrisy of the highest order.

Like say, religious superiors that profess to champion the rights of women, but seek to impose parameters on those rights by saying that it does not include the right to access reproductive health or the right to have autonomy over one’s body.

Or a revolutionary armed group that claim to fight to liberate the masses from the clutches of the elite but routinely kills small farmers and peasant leaders who assert the right of their communities to chart their own development trajectory.

Or a self-righteous lynch mob holding themselves to be feminist that views procedural due process as a legal nicety and not a core value in itself, fails to see that the right against double jeopardy is a function of procedural due process, and finds nothing inconsistent between the concept of “shaming” as punishment and the aspiration for restorative justice.

But wait, maybe Sarah Palin is right. Maybe abortion clinic bombers aren’t terrorists.

Maybe they’re fetus freedom fighters. 🙂 FFF.

And on a final note, watch this video. Downright scary. Sent chills down my spine.



  1. very disturbing and very very bad for america, the land of the free.

  2. The FFF is doomed to failure – as long as it is not composed of armed fetuses it will be again somebody else speaking on behalf of the deprived.

    My goodness, these people are pretty scary… and ridiculous.

  3. jordan – very bad for america, and very scary for the world. 😦

    philipp – now i have a mental image of tiny foetuses with sledgehammers, black vests and shades. haha.

  4. not sure if related but saw in tv once an animal halloween project of animal rights people where they dressed different costumes to their cats and dogs. then saw a cat dressed in dyesebel costume. i wondered whether the cat really wanted to have her/his hindlegs trapped in the costume, or whether the pets really wanted to be dressed up in various costumes for halloween…

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