Posted by: Jae | November 2, 2008

My Online Garage Sale

I was cleaning out my closet a few days ago and realized I have a ton of stuff that are still almost-news that I haven’t been able to use. The Kumikitang Kabuhayan in me decided immediately to see if I could make a few bucks out of the stuff in my closet without the hassle of putting up a garage sale.

Thank God for sites like Multiply, I can.

Please check out my online shop Magic Kamison by clicking on this link. I have branded blouses (Mango, etc.),  bags (Coach, for example), shoes and bag organizers at ridiculously-low prices.

Sige na, please. 🙂



  1. i checked it out na.. i do wanna buy some..pwede hulugan? haaaaahaaaaaa..joke…mahirap lang yung delivery, i think..and hey, you owe me a book…

  2. heya. ill bring them over to iloilo (along with your book) nalang pag punta ko dyan which, hopefully, is soon. i still remember our ukay-ukay escapades in college. mwah! lurvyah!

  3. para mas kumplikado, pwede bang mag-swap ng items? galing naman sa aking lumang baul 🙂

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