Posted by: Jae | November 6, 2008

The Stars

This is my horoscope for today, November 6. Hmmm. I wonder what this means.

PISCES. Sometimes, it is only when you end a journey that you realise where it was that you set off from. Perspective is a wonderful thing and nothing affords us this quite so well as distance. You are now starting to see the past in a different light. You can see the positive side of events that once you only felt able to reject and resent. Soon, you’ll gain more encouraging insights into the true nature of a trying phase of your life. Allow this to inspire a fresh look at a current struggle. It may yet prove far more fruitful than you expect.



  1. may point siya.

    As for me, I wonder what else is out there. or if the thing that’s “for me” is out there but im sticking up for something that’s not “for me.”

  2. ano ka ba. it can be all sorts of things. not just relationships. moving jobs, moving house, going out of the country. then again, that statement of yours applies too.

  3. interesting. alam ko na din horoscope ko for november 6 kahit november 8 na. no wonder i found myself traveling to gabaldon late in the evening that day.

  4. ang interpretation ko sa horoscope na ito eh, magiging maganda day ang araw mo kung gugustuhin mo, yayaman ka raw kung masipag ka at hmmmm… different light. time na raw para mag-contact lenses, yung colored.

    seriously, pero I think that advice applies to any day in your life, di lang Nov.6.

  5. chrisgel – ay oo nga pala, pareho tayong pisces.

    brother utoy – yup, and that applies to everyone, just not to me. 🙂

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