Posted by: Jae | February 3, 2009

Do It Yourself Caramoan

“For times not made for talking/ but listening to the waves; the music of the divine spheres/the dividend that pays.”  Dick Richardson.


Hellbent on discovering what the Survivor buzz was all about and wanting to discover it before the deluge of tourists and development aggression wreak its havoc, Clang and Jonas and I scheduled our very first out-of-town trip together to be in the remote islands of Caramoan. We had initially toyed with the idea of availing of one of those tour packages to Caramoan but self-confidence and an unwillingness to spend more than what was absolutely necessary convinced us to just make a go at it. 

In the spirit of backpacker solidarity, here is a step-by-step guide to Caramoan 🙂

Upon getting off the airport, find a way to get to Sabang port. There are airconditioned cars that can drive you to Sabang Port for P1,000.oo – P1,500.00. This is probably the quickest way to get there. What we did, however, was hop onto a tricycle to get to the terminal in Naga. At the terminal in Naga, get a van with a sign that says “Sabang” (P90.00 per person.) The trip is a two-hour pleasant ride through a typical Filipino countryside. At the Sabang Pier, get on the boat bound for Guijalo. A boat left just a few minutes before we arrived and we were told we had to wait for two hours. Do not expect a modern port with convenient amenities. Our two-hour waiting time was spent having lunch in a rundown carinderia, with stray dogs waiting hungrily at our feet for morsels on our plate and posters of scantily-clad women taped on the wooden walls. When the boat finally came and we were walking towards it, we saw burly muscled men walking in our direction and offering to carry us on their backs. It turns out that that was the only way to get to the boat without getting wet. Thanking the heavens for my last-minute decision to leave my laptop, I clambered rather clumsily on the shoulders of my beefy bangkero of choice.  The boat ride will cost you P120.00 and is another two hours long. Upon reaching Guijalo port, a row of tricycle drivers will be waiting to pick you up.  A tricycle ride costing P100 (for the whole tricycle) will get you to Centro, or the town center, where the lodging houses may be found. 

There are a handful of lodging houses in Caramoan town proper. Rex Guest Lodge is the most popular of the lot, and is the lodge of choice of the tour packages. I think a room there costs P1,400.00. The most high-end there is Casa Roa, costing around P1,550.00 per room for 2 people.  The cheapest is Villa Juliana, costing only P600.00 a night, good for three. I suppose you can guess where we stayed.


It was an unpretentious, cheerful place with an amiable owner named Roger.  If you don’t mind a spartan room with no hot water, then Villa Juliana is the place for you. The room fixtures were quite tacky and the beddings were rather threadbare, but well, at P200 per person night, we really can’t complain. Make advance reservations through 09177633167.

We arrived around 2pm so there was still time for us to do some island-hopping. Our tricycle driver, Kuya Jay, seemed friendly and honest enough so he volunteered to be our tour guide and find a boat for us at Guijalo Port (everyone knows each other in Caramoan, and he had a vast network of relatives and friends). The boatman charged us P800.00 for rent of the whole boat for the whole afternoon. We went to maybe three nearby islands. It was an uneventful boat ride because the seas were calm that day.


We visited one of the islands where Survivor had shot some scenes. Kuya Jay pointed out the “table” that the Survivor France cast had made. The names of the beaches elude me right now, all I can remember is how clear the water is and how haunting the rock formations appear. In one of the beaches, we spent most of our time throwing starfishes strewn to the shore back to the water.


We finished quite early, maybe before 7 pm, so we were back in town in time for dinner. Dinner for our first night was a carinderia affair in a small eatery called Lutong Bahay. Don’t expect fancy meals here. We had grilled pork chop and some fish, plus plenty of free soup. We were quite disappointed at the prices, though. A small dish costs around P50.00,  close to the prices of the carinderias in Manila.

The next day was the highlight of our trip for it was our full-day island hopping tour.  Kuya Jay told us that the tour packages usually prepare packed lunch for the tour group joiners and suggested that we buy cooked food from Lutong Bahay to bring with us to the islands. Unhappy about the idea of eating cold and tired-looking pork chop, we suggested passing by the market and buying some fresh fish to grill in the islands. Kuya Jay agreed, and accompanied us during our whole day trip for P600.00 including the 45-minute tricycle ride back and forth from the docking area. We paid P1,500.00 for a whole day’s use of banca with driver. The docking area of the banca is at a place called Paniman.  Brace yourself for a harrowing ride, that tricycle could double as an abortion clinic when it passes through some really bad dirt roads (still doesn’t come close though to our death-defying truck ride in Agusan del Sur when we visited a remote farmland). After what seemed like an eternity of getting our knees knocked against cold metal, we arrive at our destination.


Let me say right off that the boat ride was my scariest boat ride EVER in my entire life. The agrarian reform areas I work with are often in places that can be reached by land travel so I haven’t done much banca travelling in my life. We were the only bancas in sight (the others tourists were probably normal people deterred by what appeared to be a brewing storm) and our tiny banca seemed so flimsy compared to the vastness of the ocean. The waves were around five to six feet tall  and looked like they could tear our boat into pieces. Each big wave and sudden drop made us scream and hold the side of the banca for dear life. It did not help any that our driver said that banca turn-overs were a common occurence in those parts.

It was all worth it, however, when we got to the island I fell in love with: Matukad Island.



We were brought to the other beaches, like Tinago, Hunungan and Sabitang Laya, plus we saw construction underway at Gota beach, but asked to be brought again to the pristine white sands of Matukad. This was also where we had our lunch, a simple but delicious meal of grilled seafood. Kuya Jay did our grilling for us using equipment borrowed from relatives at Paniman (the port, where we parked the tricycle) and even shared their freshly-caught tangigue with us.


On the way home, we passed by a small shanty where we chanced upon live crabs inside nets. We bought a couple and had them cooked at Lutong Bahay. Dinner was a splendid spread of crabs, grilled fish (for me, as I had developed an allergy to crustaceans) Red Horse Beer.

The tour package offered to us was around P7,000.00, because we were only a small group of three. The promo price of P4,600.00 can only be availed of if the tour group reaches twenty joiners. We spent around P2,700.00 each, had the boat all to ourselves, had entire islands all to ourselves and instead of eating packed tour group lunches and plated dinners, took all the time we wanted gorging on fresh seafood and roasted tomatoes.

Sure, we spent the few minutes before sleeping chasing cockroaches with our slippers and our mornings screaming at the cold water flowing from the rusty faucet. Sure, we had to take public transport through and through, and dealt with everything from an old lady farting inside an enclosed van to a drunken middle-aged man suddenly vomiting inside the jeepney from Sabang back to Naga. Sure, maybe it would’ve been more convenient if the ferry going to Guijalo from Sabang was exclusively for our use and just waiting for us, and we wouldn’t need to sit for three hours in a carinderia with stray dogs at our feet and Marian Rivera posters hovering over us. But well, it was all definitely worth it. Every single death-defying curve of the banca ride, every single incovenience, was all worth it.

And besides, if you throw together three beckies with a taste for adventure,  extreme kakuriputan, annoying self-confidence, and enough chismis fodder for all those loooong waiting times,  it ain’t really too much of a hassle. 🙂

p.s. Kuya Jay can be contacted at 09212998866.  If he doesn’t reply to your text, call him. The LCD of his cellphone is broken.



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    • Hi Jae,

      You and your friends are very brave indeed in your venture, but I could not help but congratulate you for a successful, fun and unforgettable diy trip! Well done!

      Few questions, if you don’t mind… as per Villa Jullianna’s website the aircon van are only available till 11am. However you also mentioned that you managed to hop in a van (aircon?) after taking the trike from the airport? As the earliest cebu pacific flight arrives after 7am I am afraid that there will be no more public transportation available when we arrive. Will you be able to advise based on your DIY experience if there are ample of public vehicles for the tourists for the sabang port trip?

      Since we also prefer to cook our own food, how far is the market from Villa Jullianna?


  2. finally a post! yey to backpacking and DIY travels! di pa ako nakapunta dito.waaah

  3. great pictures, Jae!

    The show’s title is Koh Lanta: Caramoan, the Frenchmen’s answer to Survivor. I actually watched every episode of it here, when, back in the Philippines, I hardly stay for more than five minutes watching Survivor. c’est une grande betise, cette emission. Here, it’s the only thing in TV that is (remotely) Filipino and I was just too homesick to complain.

  4. It’s great publicity for the country, to be sure, but I certainly hope that a sizable chunk of the revenues earned by the province goes to the development of the town, kahit man lang basic services sa mga residents. Hay.

    Ingat diyan!

  5. hi jae,

    can i post this on kikay exchange? 🙂

  6. If you ewer going back to Caramoan bring a Kayak along to the islands.
    I promiss you´ll love kayaking there and the freedome of tenting under the stars on Matukad or other islands.

  7. arild – sounds like something for the intrepid, which i am not. 🙂 hehe. maybe when the waters are calmer.

  8. hi Jae!

    nice post. mike daguinod (my orgmate) gave me your blog about your recent trip to caramoan. i’m organizing a good-sized-number of folks on a trip to caramoan on the holy weekend, but as usual logistics will always be a pain in the ass. ^_^ was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

    would you recommend the tour packages instead if you were traveling in a group of, let’s say, 15pax?


  9. Dear Densho,

    I suppose if you don’t want to think of anything anymore and want to have someone lead the way, a tour package would be of help. No danger of getting lost, falling behind schedule, etc. Having said that, I don’t think there are any other benefits to getting a tour package. We went to the same places they went to and travelling from one place to another is not difficult naman. Plus, like I said in my post, in a tour package, you can’t really select the food you’re going to eat because it’s all prepared na by the lodge. Again, some people might find this better because it’s one less thing to think about, but kami kasi, we difn’t mind passing by the palengke first, buying fish and seafood, if this meant having an ihaw-ihaw party by the beach and not eating from styrofoam boxes. The boatman and our tour guide did all the cooking for us so it’s really not inconvenient.

    Just make sure that you have a place to stay when you get to Caramoan town (book early, kasi Holy Week kayo.) If you want comfortable accommodations, perhaps you can stay in Casa Roa, which is the most high-end in Caramoan, but still affordable at P1,550.00 per night. I think that includes breakfast already.

    Then, and this is really important, contact Kuya Jay at the number I gave in my post. We felt so safe and secure having him around. It’s the best of both worlds: you get the hassle-free vacation you want (he thinks of everything for you. he even reminded us to buy paper plates for the ihaw ihaw picnic when we almost forgot. he cooked for us, cleaned up for us, etc.), AND you get the flexibility of a backpacking adventure (after going to two more islands, we decided to go back to Matukad Island and stay there instead of hopping further and it was no problem.)

    And if you decide to go to CWC after, it’s no problem pa din, even without a tour package. The vans and jeeps at the terminal of Sabang (where you get off from the boat coming from Caramoan) can take you straight to CWC. No chance of getting lost. We spent a night in CWC.

    All in all, I spent around P4,800.00. This includes all transportation and expenses related to transportation (terminal fees), two nights in Caramoan including everything, a night in CWC, an expensive lunch in CWC, dinner at a high-end resto at Naga town proper, coffee, and then maybe three rounds of Vodka Ice, and also pasalubong at the airport.

    Whatever you decide on, however, Im sure you’ll have lots of fun. Caramoan is a breathtaking place. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  10. Hi! Nice blog.. very detailed. My cousin, bf and I are planning to go to caramoan this april 9-11, I know it’s a very busy season bec. of the holy week pero naka reserved na din kami sa rex’s. Just want to know airline did u took? Ang problem ko kasi yung on the way to caramoan e.

  11. cebu pacific. 🙂

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  13. hi Jae!

    Sorry late reply. Just got back from walking all over HK. ^_^

    thanks for your great tip! You couldn’t have said it better! I’m all in the spirit of the backpacker solidarity principle! And DIY has always been my thing, I just got to thinking because some of the people who will be joining me are sort of newbies on this concept.

    here are some of the products from organizing trips. i dabble a bit into photography and videography, so they’re like pet projects to me. i don’t know why i keep doing leading these trips, i don’t earn a dime from it naman. but it’s really fun.



  14. sa naga airport ba yung terminal na papuntang sabang?

  15. hindi. you will need to take a trike to the terminal.

  16. Hi there, thank you for this post. I wanted to go to Caramoan and this DIY trip excites me. 🙂

  17. Thanks for these very useful tips and information. My friends and I are planning to go there after the Holy Week.

  18. hey jae! what an experience, super detailed! hahaha! can’t wait to get our own dose of caramoan this march! we’ll be there on the 20th until 23rd. wooots! i just hope we don’t come in contact with those farting and vomitting caramoanons! hehehe! i am now confident that we can survive without any of those expensive tour packages. do you think we really need to make reservations ahead before going there? or will there be available place to stay at this time of the month? hope there are lots of Kuya Jay alike around who can guide us for the rest of our stay there! can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!!!

  19. Hi! Thanks a lot for your post. It really helps me in planning for our Bicol trip this April. I just want to know how much you paid Kuya Jay for tour guiding you. Also, how many islands did you explore? I have a list of islands to visit(got these from the itinerary of the package tour offered to us). Is there a chance that we get to explore the seven or so islands like that of the package tour if we did it ourselves? Thank you! 🙂

  20. Hi Jae. My friends and I will visit Caramoan 1st week of May. We were a bit hesitant to have a DIY trip, but big thanks to your blog, we sure feel confident now.Super thanksie!

  21. monching – yes, you should reserve in advance, just to be sure. 🙂

    jam – yes, you can ask kuya jay to take you to those islands. however, when we were there, the weather was not very cooperative. ang lakas ng alon! so we only got to go to around 4 islands. you pay the boatman 1500 for a full day of island hopping. kuya jay, you pay around P600 including the use of his tricycle to get to the area where you hop on the boat (it’s around 45 minutes from the town central on very difficult roads).

  22. thanks jae! we already have a homestay reservation from one of the Rex Inn staff, they said they’re fully booked already but they offered homestay like rooms with same ammenities that like of Rex. but to be safe, i also asked for reservation at villa juliana. funny thing was, when i texted them for the reservation, their only reply was, ‘YES’, tipid magreply baka wala naring load at busy. one more thing i learned was that my lola’s house is only 30 minutes from naga, they live in pili! hahaha i forgot that i am half bicolano myself. i now have 2 weeks left to learn bicolano. Dyos maray na banggi sa indo gabos! (Good evening to everyone!) super thanks! i can’t wait to explore caramoan! it was even featured in matanglawin yesterday! wooots!

  23. Thanks so much! I already got in touch with Kuya Jay, sabi niya 1700 daw whole day use ng bangka pero syempre tatawaran namin yung bangkero pagdating dun. Salamat, salamat! 🙂

  24. great tip para sa mga gustong pumunta. just a bit of caution, mas maganda parin may tour guide kayo para makaiwas sa mga known hazards sa caramoan. pag hindi ninyo kasi familiar ang place baka mabigla kayo. during summer, april and may maraming jelly fish around gota area. marami ng nadisgracia nito. may mga poisonous sea creatures din. kaya kung hindi ninyo alam, huwag hawakan. sa mga islands naman, minsan malakas ang sea current kapag nag babago ang tide. may mga dahon din na mukhang magandang pambalot, pero napakakati pag nakadikit sa balat ninyo. local name nito “langaton”. marami nito sa daan. ingat lang mga peeps

  25. u can visit my site at hope it can clear some of your doubts..

  26. aiee, kung first week of may kayo pupunta baka wala kayong matuloyan kasi ang town fiesta ng caramoan ay may 8. one week before that, napakaraming tao doon. uwian ng mga tao galing sa ibat-ibang lugar..kasama na ako doon..hehehe

  27. Nice post. Aktual at klaro.

    You made a good endorsement for Jay. Hope this will ignite some business competition among those individual providing services, for them to behave well, develop their versatility in tourism trade, extend generosity, display honesty and trust worthiness.

  28. Talaga! Caramoan must have a unique and friendly attitude at all times, as mentioned by our good friend JDMD. At kong may problema naman especially doon sa mga nag ca-cater ng public services, please don’t hesitate to inform the proper authorities directly ng sa ganoon..we could keep Caramoan at it’s BEST. Enjoy!!!

  29. Hi,

    Ask lng po. From what airport kayo galing? Manila to Naga? Kasi napansin ko, pumunta pa kayu sa Naga Terminal.

  30. This information is very helpful for my family (my wife and I plus two kids) going on a backpack to Caramoan the last week of April. We intend to drive early morning from Manila to Naga and park our SUV at the house of a high school classmate (used to be the Regional DOH Director)who migrated to that city decades ago. We’ll tour the city and spend the night in a cheap but decent hotel along Magsaysay Avenue. We start early next day for Caramoan by riding the jeepney to Sabang, ferry to Guijalo, trike to Paniman and set-up our tents at La Playa Beach Camp for 300 pesos/tent/night. We’ll buy fish and vegetables everyday at the local market and have it cooked by a local, perhaps Jay, as you’ve recommended, and do the island hopping with his boat during the next 3 days. We do not intend to spend more than 7000 pesos in Caramoan for 3 days, all-in. Does that make any sense?

  31. robert – pili airport in camsur. 🙂

    sam – yes, it does. havent been to la playa though. 🙂

  32. Relative to Robert’s (03-31-09) query, may point nga naman.

    From Pili airport puede tricycle up to the hi-way na lang at mag-abang ng van or Jeep to Sabang.

    Siguro mas tama rin na pumunta na lang pabalik Naga terminal para sure me maupuan sa Van, kasi malamang punuan na ang mga Van na daraan sa Pili Hi-way.

  33. mahirap ata yun. when we went there, off-season pa, walang van na dumadaan na hindi puno. our trike driver said that if he saw a van with seats to spare, he would flag it down. we werent fortunate enough, daw. we really had to go to naga terminal and retrace our route.

  34. Hi,

    Just a favor, can you list the the things you spend on P2700 budget.
    This will help us to compare if we will have a package tour or DIY tour.

  35. i dont remember and i dont really have time to come up with a comprehensive breakdown, much as id want to. 🙂 food, boat ride, accommodations, i guess.

  36. Ok Thanks! In P2700, is the budget you spent only in Caramoan town right?

  37. yup

  38. Thanks a lot Jae.

    To Robert: I think 2700-pesos-per-head spending in Caramoan on a backpacker’s budget will last you 3-4 days if you have your own camping gear. My family and I will go last week of April and see how it’s going to be. 300 pesos/day for a tent space at La Playa Beach Camp in Bgy. Paniman. Camping on the islands – free. If you’re going in May, you will be well-advised about our spending experience.

  39. hi, jae.. this is very helpful… backpacking is the way to go. where in cwc right now and thinking of whether we go wakeboarding in the morning and head to caramoan by 10am.. do you know the ferry skeds?

  40. hello jae,

    I’m very inspired of your backpacking guide to caramoan. I can’t wait to go there, hopefully this may. Just to ask you, what time did you got to naga from manila? Do you think its safe to travel there for 2 ladies?

  41. do you need to bring a tent on La Playa or would they provide you with the tent?

  42. sorry, i dont know.

  43. Hanzel: They can rent you the tent at La Playa for 600 pesos per night; or just pay 300 pesos per night if you bring and set-up your own. You enjoy the same amenities such as use of shower rooms and cooking facilities. I will learn more about this when we camp there last week of April.

  44. Would it be nice if i go there by myself? coz i’m planning leave for caramoan next week. And i just wanna experience traveling alone.hehe

  45. Hi! this post is very useful! My friends and I are planning to go to Caramoan on the 1st wk of May. Our problem now is, how to get to Sabang port. And how much will it cost us?? we’re debating whether to ride the bus or bring our cars… pls advise us!! tnx!!

  46. Hi!

    Ive already contacted Kuya Jay for June 5-7. We’re celebrating my parents silver anniversary. Fortunately, he’s available. Im not really fond of the idea of tour package for the same reasons you stated.

    Thanks for this post.

    Paz St. Tawog Caramoan, Cam. Sur

    Offers a 2-bedroom bungalow house, fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms; queen bed in master bedroom and a bunk bed in the other room. This house can easily accommodate 7 people (with no extra charge) as we have 2 extra cushions that can be used by your extra guests. It is a perfect family home for travelers with children or friends traveling with friends. For only P2500.00 per night, this house is the best offer in town. It is only few minutes to GOTA BEACH.


    If you are planning to go on island hopping or visit caramoan’s beautiful coastal islands, we offer a boat ride for only P1300 for 4 hours.

    call cherry narvato: 0920.849.9542

    • Dear Cherry,
      Wish you can be of help to us in our planned trip to caramoan on Feb 25-27 2010. 2nte stay.
      I was inspired by the Do it yourself caramoan adventure. Initially, mag papackage tour sana kami but I guess it will be more expensive. We are family,4 adult and 1 child age 4.
      Wish you can bargain for us for this acomodation. How about a day and a half tour sa boat? How much would if cost kaya? Can the boatman be our tour guide as well? Thanks for your info. I can be reached at email ad: or cp# 09277320826. Apple Santos

  48. Hi po!

    Ask ko lang po kung anu ang earliest ferry boat from Guijalo port back to Sabang port? Kasi ang time of Flight namin back to Manila is 2pm. Makakaabot po ba kame sa flight namin?

    How about the earliest ferry boat from Sabang port to Guijalo port?


  49. Jae, nice post! Very informative 🙂 Thank you so much.

    You’ve mentioned that you also went to CWC. Is there a direct “ride” from Camaroan to CWC? Thank you.

  50. Jae, we’re finally back from our Bicol trip. 2 days in Naga, 4 days in Caramoan and 1 day in Legazpi. Total 7 days, total spending: 15,400 pesos for 4 persons (my wife and I plus 2 kids). Your post gave me an insight into DIY travelling and that visiting those place need not cost you an arm and a leg.

    You may want to visit my thread at DPP to view some of my Caramoan photos from over 2,600 shots of our Bicol trip. Keep on visiting the site as I upload more photos from time to time.

    Again, many thanks.


  51. Hi jae,

    Thanks a lot for this very detailed post! We will be going to Caramoan the next day (June 12-15) and we were looking for information on how we can get really cheap packages or if we could go backpacking to Caramoan. I stumbled upon your site and found it very informative as we’re a bunch of cheapskates at heart who love to travel. We’re from Cebu and we’re wishing that everything will push through. We already contacted Kuya Jay and it seems that he’s available on the said dates. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.

    Thanks again for this post! 🙂

  52. hi.wer planning to go to caramoan this sept. DIY. just would like to ask about going back here in manila from caramoan? ano ano mga sskyan like boat etc.. and about the travelling time. Thanks

  53. hi, Jae! site is really helpful..
    Will be in caramoan this Thursday Nov 6-8. I tried huggling with your boatman, apparently prices are getting expensive. grr.
    Prices given where:
    1, 500 for the three near islands (half day) and
    2, 500 for the whole day trip..

    Considering the fact that, 2 lang kami.. hehe..

    Do you makakakuha kami ng better deal than this?

  54. Hi! Jae,

    What a pleasant surprise meeting you in Intramuros this afternoon. Seems you’re again on a fun trip? I left you my card. Yo may want to call me for anything about photography; even videography.


  55. wow! would definitely love to try how you guys experienced caramoan….probably mas haggard pero mas adventurous at mas masaya! thanks for posting this!

  56. i love you’re adventure. saya! punt din ako jan.

  57. Thank you! Very interesting article.

  58. Thanks Jae for this post! very helpful 😀

  59. hey I haven’t read everything yet, but I feel i will frequent this blog!! i sense wit right away. 😀
    happy to have stumbled upon here… :p goodluck to your life’s adventures… i’ll go back to reading this post! 🙂 I was just atat to make a comment hihihi.

  60. […] For details of how to get there DIY style, you can check out this blog. […]

  61. We’re planning to go there on Sept 17-21. We found a good deal to bring us to Caramoan however we’re only 7, the package required 12 pax for 4T. That includes, transpo from Manila Caramoan Manila, side trip to CWC and Legaspi for Mt. Mayon Visit. Your DIY gave us an option if we failed to complete 12 pax.

  62. hi there… hope you can help me… is there a boat ride from Guijalo port to sabang port as early as 5am? we miscalculate our departure from naga airport to 10am.. how can we arrive at naga airport before 9am from caramoan? would highly appreciate your suggestions…

    you can email me at


  63. Hi everyone.. Just to keep you all updated.. I been to caramoan recently and to my luck Kuya Jay was our Tour Guide.. Kuya Jay (the tour guide) do have a new number.. 09392049333

    Kuya Jay was our tour guide in Caramoan as well and he was very accomodating indeed.. For sure mgeenjoy kau if sya na ccontactin nyo for trips in Caramoan..

    Thank you! =)

  64. Kuya Jhay the tour guide’s new number is 09392049333

  65. nice trip friend. good images very helpful post for visitors.

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