Posted by: Jae | March 10, 2009

You Changed My Life

And now I can say this for sure.

Even if you’re John Lloyd Cruz and can have the entire Filipina population squirming in their panties faster than you can say “Sarah Geronimo for Cebuana Lhuillier”, I won’t like you if cheat your employees out of their benefits, make them work beyond the work hours sanctioned by law and espouse contractualization.

And no, free brewed coffee one morning for everyone does not cut it. I’d have preferred a scene with you, “Bebe ko”, signing a Collective Bargaining Agreement with your laundromat employees.

Because I don’t need you to change my life. I need you to embrace it. There’s nothing major in my life that needs changing, but a lot about this world that requires some tweaking.

Having said that, I still love you, John Lloyd. And I will never forget “A Very Special Love.” Oh, and “One More Chance”, too.



  1. Huh? Si JLC, makupad na employer?

  2. malupit is more like it. what say you, mr. labor lawyer?

  3. well, mag-INGAT siya.

  4. biogesic boy, you’re so witty. crush na kita. hehe. lagot ako kay gus….

  5. Hi Jae. I happen to be John Lloyd’s first cousin and next door neighbor and I can assure you that the real John is nothing like Miggy from You Changed My Life. He is a kind and generous person and he treats his staff like family. I think the more PC name to use here would be Miggy and not John Lloyd. I, too, practiced labor law for over 2 years, though, so I know what you mean. =D

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’m very proud of my cousin and can’t help but be a tad protective. hehe.
    One More Chance is my favorite too. It’s his as well =D
    And I am a fan of your blog.

  6. good to know! 🙂

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