Posted by: Jae | May 9, 2009


Women walking alone at night in the Trinoma area should beware. In the corner of Landmark Trinoma, a man in his early thirties would approach you and put his arm around you, while whispering that you should follow him if you do not want to be hurt. He would then force you to enter a waiting taxicab where his co-conspirator would be and they would divest you of your things.

Longer post on this soon. Still shaken. But everything is ok.



  1. susmaryosep, jae! again a bad experience connected to a taxi! glad to hear you’re ok… but we really have to do something. anything 😦

  2. i’m glad you’re ok.nakakatakot na ‘to.:(

  3. ok na ok ako. hindi nga ako nakapasok sa taxi eh. but i think yun talaga ang game plan nila. i heard this happen na bfore, but not in the trinoma area.

  4. Did you lose anything?

  5. my temper. 🙂

  6. jae, grace here.

    uy, kamusta ka na? i’m glad you’re ok. grabe naman un!

  7. ok naman ako, grace. thanks! ive never been this proud of myself in a long time hahahaha.

  8. Jae! Didn’t something like this happen to you na before 😦 I’m glad you’re alright…

  9. anu ‘to?? kelan nangyari to?? hay lord. buti ok ka na. beer!

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